August 12,2023

Three methods to remove static electricity from the home, such as using a humidifier

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Static electricity originates from the unequal positive and negative charges between two objects. Static electricity seems inevitable, especially in dry winter, and its elimination is much easier than you imagine. Once you understand how to create and transmit static electricity, you can take some steps to reduce the initial static electricity and control how it is transmitted to you, thereby reducing electric shock every time you touch

1. Use a humidifier. Static electricity becomes more active when the air is dry, especially during winter when people heat houses, further reducing the humidity in the air. Use a humidifier to increase humidity at home and in the workplace. The moisture in the air helps to reduce the accumulation of static electricity Planting plants around houses or workplaces can also help increase humidity You can create your own humidifier by simply boiling water on the stove. You can add spices such as cinnamon or citrus peel to give you a good odor when you wet your house

2. Treat your carpet with anti-static chemicals. Most carpet retailers or carpet companies offer spray treatments online to handle carpets and carpets. Some carpets are specially made with anti-static components. [3] Gently spray the carpet with anti-static spray and wait for it to completely dry before walking. This will greatly reduce the amount of static electricity you feel when walking on the carpet

To make an electrostatic reduction spray at home, you can mix a cup of cloth softener in a bottle of spray bottle, shake the mixture, and spray it gently on the carpet

3. Wipe the interior decoration with dry sheets. Wipe upholstered furniture or car seats with a soft cloth to reduce the accumulation of static electricity on these surfaces. Drying tablets help neutralize charges

You can also try to spray these areas with an electrostatic reduction spray or a spray