Dehumidifiers, ideal for damp-proofing underground garages

Vigorous development of underground garages to ease the citys parking difficulties, today, underground garages have become almost every neighborhood and large shopping malls standard. However, every ...

Vigorous development of underground garages to ease the city's parking difficulties, today, underground garages have become almost every neighborhood and large shopping malls standard. However, every year the underground garage of the return of moisture to the garage management personnel also brought troubles. Wet underground garage is not only prone to safety accidents, but also for a long time parked in which the car will also have a great impact.

Every year in the hot summer weather, the underground garage is the most serious phenomenon of moisture condensation. The garage is filled with water vapor, some corners of the wall and water stains, the top of the garage is densely covered with a variety of pipeline walls and even condensation of water droplets, from time to time down, resulting in the ground is slippery, surrounded by a layer of water droplets on the walls.

Dehumidifiers, ideal for damp-proofing underground garages

Underground garage due to its special underground structure, and poor ventilation, and the room at the air is difficult to form an effective convection, its wet load than the ground equivalent space is much higher. Summer surface and underground temperature difference is too large, when the outside world hot air into the cool underground garage, due to the underground garage is relatively low-lying, closed, moist gas is easy to gather, can not be emitted easily form condensation phenomenon. Therefore, the underground garage moisture phenomenon occurs more in the summer.

Some people would like to think that that underground garage should use waterproof material, which can solve the moisture problem. However, underground garage moisture to rely on the building itself to solve, there is still a great difficulty. Waterproof material is used for a long time, moisture will still keep appearing. Basement surface painting layer if not waterproof mortar, ordinary cement mortar inside the presence of a large number of alkaline substances, very easy to absorb moisture, encountered warmer temperatures, the moisture in the cement mortar slowly evaporate out of the water filled with the entire basement, it is easy to condensation, so that the entire basement has been in the humid air, mold also appeared.

Although, underground garages are installed with a certain number of fans, but this requirement is designed for fire protection, not for moisture control. At present for the underground garage moisture problem, the most common and most effective way is to configure industrial dehumidifier.

Underground garage with dehumidifier through high-power centrifugal fan will be humid air inhaled inside the machine, the use of compressor refrigeration compression, through the condenser and evaporator interactions, can be separated from the moisture in the humid air discharged out of the machine, the dry air back indoors to complete the drying process of air circulation. Dehumidifier can always control the ambient air humidity in the underground garage below 60%, can effectively solve the condensation phenomenon, keep the underground garage dry. Underground garage with dehumidifier not only dehumidification effect is good, automatic control of dehumidifier also do not need personnel operation, more suitable for underground garage use.

Solve the moisture problem of underground garage, using dehumidifier equipment with strong moisture absorption performance, less investment, cost savings, wide range of applications, easy to use, simple to operate, in order to really do from the root to prevent and solve the problem of moisture return to the underground garage.