August 14,2023

Post 90s sleep report- find the right Dehumidifier for your bedroom - enjoy a night's sleep

Industry  Dehumidifier_CFD Series A good night's sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Almost half of us can only sleep six hours or less per night. Although sleep problems may stem from a variety of things - usually expensive things - dehumidifier are just one way to improve sleep quality

The post-90s sleep report showed that the average sleep time was 7.5 hours and generally poor sleep. March 21st is the 18th World Sleep Day, and this year's theme is "Regular Sleep, Healthy Sleep" If you are a person with difficulty sleeping, the first thing to consider is your bedroom. Many of us sleep in a bedroom that is not suitable for our purpose, which may be the main reason for restlessness in the middle of the night

Because we live in a humid climate and the air at home prevents it from entering and leaving the room, we create a large amount of useless water through our daily activities, with nowhere to excrete. Excessive moisture in your home can seep into your walls, causing internal condensation, which can affect your health and harm your family. Using a dehumidifier in your bedroom can improve any condensation, moisture, mold and unpleasant smell, while creating a warm and healthy home

Although the main function of the dehumidifier is to eliminate excess moisture in the air and reduce humidity, the PARKOO Dehumidifier has excellent air purification function, which can dehumidify and purify indoor air separately

PARKOO's air purification mode circulates air through activated carbon filters in the room, helping to improve home air quality and eliminate air particles that can cause allergic reactions and asthma

Our Dehumidifier combines the latest technology and the highest standard air purification technology, enabling you to maintain the flexibility of clean air even when the air is dry

How can the Dehumidifier help me sleep well

The noise generated by the Dehumidifier is not often associated with the things in the Dehumidifier. However, until you want to sleep in the same room, you suddenly want to know what is the best Dehumidifier in your bedroom

The following are the first three tips of PARKOO PARKOO on how to make your Dehumidifier quieter:

1 For best results, we recommend placing the Dehumidifier on a horizontal surface because it can prevent any unnecessary vibration. In this case, this is impossible, because uneven wood or laminate flooring only needs to place your Dehumidifier on the carpet, which should prevent any excess noise and leakage

2 It is one thing to understand the function of Dehumidifier. Understanding how to use it for specific purposes is another matter. Make sure that your Dehumidifier is at the lowest fan speed to ensure that it is as quiet as possible, while solving your problem

3 What we continue to recommend and encourage at PARKOO is for people to clean or replace the filters on dehumidifiers. Replacing the filter will reduce the pressure of the fan, reduce the noise and improve the efficiency of the Dehumidifier. Otherwise, the performance of the Dehumidifier will be reduced, and the performance may be permanently reduced over time. PARKOO recommends cleaning the filter once a month and replacing it every four times

Just place the Dehumidifier in the corridor or on the floor, leave it open, and let your bedroom door open

The Dehumidifier can not only help the quietest sleeper spend a quiet night, but also provide the best sleeping environment through clean air. Get the damp free night you've always dreamed of