June 06,2023

Dehumidifying and moistureproof in rainy season is not allowed without dehumidifier

Industry  Dehumidifier_PDGT Series

In the rainy season, dehumidification and moisture-proof are not allowed without dehumidifiers

Many factories or enterprises and public institutions have begun to start [(ZEDO) dehumidifier]

In terms of dehumidification power (ZEDO), it's a piece of cake

I. Industrial dehumidification series:

Free air humidity setting, automatic control 24-hour arbitrary setting

With automatic fault detection function for easy maintenance

Powerful and powerful dehumidification

The machine uses a low temperature environment, and the automatic cream

Applicable temperature: 5~38 ℃

1 industrial dehumidifier case

Project name: Children's Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University

Optional scheme: 11 industrial dehumidifiers

Product model:_

2. Cases of industrial dehumidifiers

Project name: Zhongguancun Life Science Park

Optional scheme: 4 industrial dehumidifiers

Product model:_

II. Central dehumidifier series:, Arbitrary settings

Rotary compressors of international famous brands

Three minute automatic time delay protection of compressors

Silence, time-saving, worry saving, power saving

1 Central dehumidifier case

Project case: Jiangsu Yuanheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Optional scheme: 8 central dehumidifiers

Product model:_ D

2. Case of central dehumidifier_ D

III. Fresh air dehumidifier series The problem of poor air quality also comes one after another...

(ZEDO) fresh air dehumidifier can help you solve the problems of air pollution and humidity at the same time.

It can not only dehumidify, but also maintain the cleanliness and oxygen content of the air

It is especially suitable for use in thunderstorm (storm) weather, so that you no longer worry about humidity and serious air pollution

① Introduce outdoor fresh air, replace indoor dirty air, keep oxygen and carbon dioxide in the home at a healthy level, and keep indoor air fresh and high in oxygen content

② Dry the indoor and outdoor fresh air to control the indoor humidity within the range suitable for human habitation

③ Five fold filtration, which effectively filters particulate matter in the air, purifies and treats indoor and outdoor fresh air,

discharges harmful substances such as indoor formaldehyde, and keeps indoor air clean all the time

In addition, for some users who need remote control and smart home connection,

(ZEDO) dehumidifiers can be equipped with relevant modules to meet your intelligent needs

All the above information about dehumidification and moisture-proof in rainy season, which is not necessary for dehumidifiers, is provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only