August 17,2023

The wet environment causes rhinitis, and the Dehumidifier can relieve your troubles

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature Friends with rhinitis are most afraid of sudden air or bad weather, as they will have a runny and stuffy nose like a cold. Nasal inflammatory disease is the inflammation of Nasal mucosa caused by viruses, bacteria, allergens, various physical and chemical factors and some systemic diseases. To alleviate allergic symptoms, it is necessary to identify the culprit and "symptomatic prevention" We will find that during the rainy season, our homes are damp and water constantly seeps out from the ground and walls. Some families will grow mildew, and the white walls are dotted with gray and black mildew. Such living environment is often the most likely to cause Allergic rhinitis Originally, moisture and mold can release thousands of extremely small spores, blocking the respiratory tract and making it difficult for people to breathe

Generally speaking, the most suitable environment for dust mites is about 80% measured by the Hygrometer, and the temperature is about 25-30 ℃. Dust mites like to stay in warm, dark, and humid environments and on dead skin cells. Their excrement decomposes into extremely fine dust that can adsorb on sheets, pillows, carpets, and curtains. Living in such an environment is naturally easy to cause and aggravate asthma and Allergic rhinitis. At the same time, in warm and humid environments, such as the mold growing in the bathroom, it may not go away for years, causing allergic problems

In addition, pet fur and secretions are strong allergens, especially in cats. If you have a pet at home, remember to regularly clean the fallen animal hair and be careful not to let the pet roll in the bedroom or bed, otherwise bacteria and allergens are more likely to attach to the quilt and mattress We can easily observe that the humidity and temperature of the environment are the main causes of rhinitis allergens, so we can start by controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment to prevent rhinitis. The doctor pointed out that allergic patients should pay attention to indoor temperature and humidity control on cloudy and humid days, maintaining indoor temperature of 25-27 ℃ and humidity of 40% -50%. To control the temperature and humidity of the environment, household dehumidifier is an ideal choice

BAO household dehumidifier can precisely control temperature and humidity to create a dry and comfortable living environment. At the same time, the PARKOO Central Fresh Air Purification and dehumidification System not only achieves dehumidification, but also filters, disinfects, and oxygenates the indoor air, creating a high-quality and healthy living environment