August 25,2023

Air conditioners have dehumidification function. Why do you need additional Dehumidifier-

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The southern region has experienced the annual Meiyu weather again, and Beijing has been experiencing light and heavy rain for the past two days without stopping. Apart from the low temperature, the entire air was damp during this rainy season, and I always felt that there was a layer of water mist surrounding me that was not pleasant enough

To quote a certain woman, the feeling of this terrible weather is like running on an aunt's towel, which is sour and refreshing...

To get back to the point, let's talk about dehumidification together today

Air conditioning dehumidification principle

Now, most air conditioners have a separate dehumidification function, and air conditioning dehumidification is only a by-product of their refrigeration. As usual, let's start with the principle of air conditioning

. Due to the low temperature of the evaporator, when air passes through, the water vapor will liquefy the water droplets and flow away from the drainage pipe. So, dehumidification is just a by-product of refrigeration

Therefore, when the air conditioning refrigeration is working normally, it will have its own dehumidification effect. So what is the dehumidification mode of air conditioning

The independent dehumidification mode is also very simple, which is to place an additional layer of metal heating mesh in front of the output cold air, heating the cooled air to room temperature, thereby removing moisture from the air in the previous stage without affecting the ambient temperature

Principle of dehumidifier

Common household dehumidifier are divided into two types: cooling dehumidifier and rotary Dehumidifier

The principle of cooling Dehumidifier is similar to that of air conditioning dehumidification, but the internal structure is different. The structure of the rotary Dehumidifier is a constantly rotating honeycomb wheel, which contains materials that absorb moisture. Moisture is absorbed when air passes through to achieve dehumidification

Since the air conditioner has dehumidification function, do you need to purchase an additional Dehumidifier

The so-called industry has specialized in using air conditioners to dehumidify, without mentioning the cost of electricity (generally the power of air conditioners is much higher than that of Dehumidifier), and the dehumidification effect is not obvious. More importantly, the air conditioner cannot be moved and cannot handle parts such as bathrooms and kitchens without air conditioning

When purchasing a dehumidifier, there is no use of horsepower to represent the applicable area, as in air conditioning.

. Simply put, it takes about 20W per square meter to work properly, so it's better to directly check the power when purchasing