The First Choice for Preventing Static Electricity in SMT Workshop is Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier is the first choice for SMT workshop to prevent static electricity: SMT workshop, also known as SMT production line, is a new generation of electronic assembly technology develop...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Industry Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Ultrasonic humidifier is the first choice for SMT workshop to prevent static electricity: SMT workshop, also known as SMT production line, is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology. Featured by the use of component surface mounting technology and Reflow soldering technology, it has become a new generation of assembly technology in electronic product manufacturing. The widespread application of SMT has promoted the miniaturization and versatility of electronic products, providing conditions for mass production and low defect rate production. The integrated circuits of the phones and tablets we use are all produced in the SMT workshop. It can be said that without the SMT workshop, many electronic products cannot be miniaturized and multifunctional

We know that modern industrial production has requirements for both temperature and humidity in the environment, so what are the regulations for air humidity in SMT workshops? As the world's largest electronic product processing company, Foxconn's SMT workshop requires a temperature and humidity of 24 degrees, with a fluctuation of two degrees, a humidity requirement of 60%, and a fluctuation of 10% RH; Some SMT workshops in Shanghai require around 22 degrees Celsius, with a difference of no more than 2 degrees Celsius, a humidity requirement of 60%, and an error of 5% RH. Other SMT workshops also have temperature and humidity requirements within this range, with little difference

I don't know if you have noticed that the requirement for air humidity here is around 60%, so why is this value? Scientific research has proven that the most comfortable air humidity value for the human body is between 45% and 65%. Within this range, there is no feeling of dampness or dryness, and within this range, electronic products will not be affected by moisture or static electricity. Therefore, there is no need to explain the requirements for air humidity in SMT workshops within this range

However, air humidity can change at any time, especially in winter. Due to the decrease in temperature and precipitation, the air humidity can be very low, even below 35%. We know that air humidity below 45% can be considered dry, let alone below 35% RH. Isn't this creating conditions for the emergence of static electricity? If static electricity appears in the SMT workshop, the semi-finished products exposed to the air have no resistance at all, either destroyed or scrapped, or the product quality decreases, reducing the product qualification rate and bringing huge economic losses to the enterprise

Therefore, humidification is necessary at this time to prevent static electricity, provide a good environment for the SMT workshop, and ensure that static electricity does not appear in the SMT workshop. Choose the PARKOO ultrasonic humidifier for humidification. It has fast humidification speed, high efficiency, and outstanding performance. The intelligent control system can automatically humidify according to the pre input air humidity value, which is very convenient. Moreover, the mist particles are small and there will be no water droplets, and there will be no unstable or uneven humidification. It ensures that electronic components will not be damaged during the humidification process, making it a good choice for humidification and anti-static in SMT workshops


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