Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine, fresh-keeping spray horse dang -fresh-

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray, fresh-keeping spray - fresh technology trends From recent experience, most areas of China are not always wet, and the characteristics of fresh products deter...

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray, fresh-keeping spray - "fresh" technology trends From recent experience, most areas of China are not always wet, and the characteristics of fresh products determine that these goods are vulnerable to the impact of air humidity, accelerating deterioration, vegetables wilting after water loss, fresh meat drying and darkening surface, early hot pot restaurant chain shop buffet large catering kitchen kitchen earlier aware of this problem, At present, there is no supermarket fresh-keeping spray machine. Later, this usage gradually spread, and quality oriented fresh food supermarkets began to use it

Since then, it has spread from the northwest and southwest regions, followed by the northeast and central China to all parts of the country, from ordinary supermarkets to small stores to chain self-service. The high repeat purchase rate indicates that the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray is a product that meets the demand for fresh-keeping, can bring better business profits, and has a good effect

At present, there are many ways to keep vegetables fresh, such as chemical method, physical cooling method, isolation method... Except for some places that pay special attention to price, chemical method is generally not used; Physical cooling is to slow down the oxidation process of goods, and low temperature is a good way to keep fresh. It may not be suitable for terminal stores because of equipment operation, purchase and land occupation; The isolation method is more suitable for the warehouse and cannot be used in the store; The principle of spray fresh-keeping is to force the local air humidity to slow the loss of moisture. It is a less direct method of fresh-keeping. However, when other methods have disadvantages, this humidified spray fresh-keeping method has several advantages:

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine, fresh-keeping spray horse dang -fresh-

For example, the investment cost is low, the operation and maintenance cost is low, the effect is good, and the implementation is convenient. We have witnessed the germination and development of this industry, and also seen the chaos of this industry. Various brands emerge one after another, different every year. At this point, some readers may have installed and used the product. You can try to contact the previous sales manufacturer who is still there. A few days ago, I saw a very emotional sentence. At least it is reliable that the product has been used and cannot be used again. The sales manufacturer is still there

At present, several online business platforms search through the keyword "fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine", and the top products are all small spray machines with hundreds of yuan in appearance. No matter how large the water tank and the number of fog outlets they describe, the maximum labeled total spray volume does not exceed 2000ml per hour, which is equivalent to 2kg per hour for industrial machines, while the spray volume of industrial machines should generally start at 3kg, Some industrial machine merchants who want to attract attention at low prices will offer some 2kg chicken rib industrial models. What about those chicken rib models? It's useless except for attracting people's attention. It's just like a medium-sized truck with an electric tricycle engine. It's an electric tricycle except for its deceptive appearance

  _ Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine and_ In the body design of fresh-keeping spray humidifier, the stainless steel body is adopted, with stable operation and strong durability; With small volume, good atomization effect, adjustable fog amount, convenient installation, simple operation and other functional characteristics, it is very suitable for spray humidification and fresh-keeping of fresh vegetables and fruits:

1. Extend the life of vegetables and fruits, maintain the fresh and tender color of vegetables and fruits, and improve the visual effect of vegetables and fruits

2. Keep the original taste of vegetables and fruits, prevent them from withering and yellowing, and prolong the freshness of vegetables

3. Avoid the loss of water and weight of fruits and vegetables, and increase the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables

4. Attract customers' desire to buy, increase their buying popularity, and increase their sales profits

  _ Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine and_ The fresh-keeping spray humidifier can not only be installed in the air curtain cabinet, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, but also can be installed on the vegetable rack and platform for spray humidification of fresh vegetables and fruits, so as to achieve a very good fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect. Welcome to inquire about the details of the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine, fresh-keeping spray horse dang "fresh"

  _ Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine and_ Technical parameters of fresh-keeping spray humidifier:

Control mode of ZS-20 fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine and ZS fresh-keeping spray humidifier, technical parameters:

The common specifications and applicable length of SJ series fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machine and ZS series fresh-keeping spray humidifier are as follows:

1. SJ series: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

2. ZS-10: spray amount 3kg/h → single side 0~3.0m → double side 0~1.5m

3. ZS-20: spray amount 6kg/h → single side 3.6~6.0m → double side 1.2~3.0m

4. ZS-30: spray amount 9kg/h → single side 5.0~9.0m → double side 2.4~5.0m

  5、_: Spray volume 12kg/h → single side 7.0~11.0m → double side 4.8~7.0m

6. ZS-60: spray amount 18kg/h → single side 12.0~18.0m → double side 7.0~12.0m

7. ZS-80: spray amount 24kg/h → single side 18.0~24.0m → double side 12.0~14.0m

To sum up, it has been mentioned that in the application of vegetable preservation in supermarkets, household computers or commercial computers have reduced their dimensions and hit industrial machines, isn't it? From the experience of these years, the width of supermarket shelves is generally 0.7~1m, and the industrial machine with the rated humidification capacity of 3kg/h and the fan with a diameter of 12cm come out through the 110mm spray mouth, which can cover the shelves with a maximum of 5m for freshness preservation. What if all the data become worse at the same time? Half the fog volume, half the air volume, and half the large wind resistance caused by the diameter of the ventilation duct can also bring a 1-2m shelf with the fog volume sensory effect achieved by a household or commercial machine. Because the fog of the household or commercial machine is very small, it is really difficult for you to make it work to earn money

We all know that the more fresh vegetables are, the better they sell. Many stores plan to buy fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray machines. However, some spray machine stores in the current network channel use low charge and high charge to play the sidelines of industrial machines with household machines or commercial machines. Many fresh food store owners who choose such products for the first time often fail to distinguish carefully in pursuit of the so-called cost performance ratio. After they buy them back, they are not satisfied with all kinds of things. As a manufacturer of industrial machines, electrical appliances should remind the majority of users. Don't be misled. Industrial machines with heavy fog volume are your effective helpers in handling fresh products! All the above information about fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping spray and fresh-keeping spray is provided by the appliance for your reference only