September 19,2023

How to choose appropriate dehumidification equipment in the room-

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High humidity can damage the structural integrity of your home. Over time, humidity can affect the wood in the home, including wooden furniture, causing them to bend, crack, and even split. Mold can start growing on the wall. Metal accessories may start to rust. Because the humidity in your home is too high. dehumidifier is a simple method, which can prevent the family from deteriorating slowly and create a healthier living environment for the family

Help you feel comfortable

When there is moisture in your space, the temperature may be higher than the actual temperature. By removing moisture from the air, you will feel more comfortable without the need to turn on the air conditioning

Usually, the real estate model room will also be equipped with ventilation and dehumidification equipment, because to make the visitors feel comfortable, it is very important to know which size of the dehumidifier is suitable for your family before making any type of purchase. Daily dehumidification capacity of dehumidifier and water tank capacity are both criteria for selection

Small rooms:

For slightly wet or small rooms, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, it is recommended to use a 25-40L Dehumidifier in this size space

Medium sized rooms:

For medium-sized rooms, such as bedrooms or rooms with high humidity, it is recommended to use 40-59L capacity Dehumidifier

Large rooms:

For larger rooms, including living rooms or other open living spaces, it is recommended to use a Dehumidifier with a capacity of more than 60L Basement, Garage: If your garage needs to be treated underground, it is generally recommended to use 60L sized equipment. However, the humidity values vary from region to region. If possible, we would recommend using one of them, especially if the device will be used in the area for a long time

The above room sizes usually cover standard families. However, if you need larger rooms, you may need to consider purchasing commercial and industrial dehumidifier. Units with a Nameplate capacity of 70L or less are ideal for residential use, while large Dehumidifier are very suitable for commercial and industrial environments, such as warehouses, factories and Server room