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News about hand disinfectors and hand disinfection, sterilization and atomization devices is well known. In our daily life, work, travel and medical study, there are more opportunities for hands to co...

News about hand disinfectors and hand disinfection, sterilization and atomization devices is well known. In our daily life, work, travel and medical study, there are more opportunities for hands to contact other objects such as door handles, coins, mobile phones, computers, books, newspapers, tables and chairs, electrical switches, faucets and various office supplies; Therefore, the hands are infected by pathogens, bacteria and microorganisms in more types and quantities than other parts of the body, and the bacteria on the hands are far more than we think. The study found that a pair of unwashed hands may contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of bacteria on the skin, nail groove and nail plate edge. These bacteria are very diverse, and almost all bacteria that can cause intestinal infections can be found on the hands

Especially in some public places, such as hospitals, schools, banks, parks, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, KTV entertainment places and institutions, many objects may pass the virus and bacteria carried by one person to other people after repeated contact. In the process of grasping food or touching mouth, nose and eyes, viruses and germs will be brought into the body and infected. Therefore, it is very important to block the spread of viruses and germs through this transmission route. Usually people are used to washing their hands with soap or hand sanitizer after touching dirty things or returning home from public places. However, it is difficult to find suitable cleaning and disinfection places in general public places. Therefore, people are easily infected by viruses and germs through their hands during activities in public places

But the traditional hand washing method can only play a basic role in decontamination, and has little effect on hand disinfection and sterilization! For food workshop employees, hand bacteria are more harmful. If not handled properly, it will affect the secondary pollution of food hygiene. At present, most of the hand disinfection methods of domestic food enterprises still stay in the traditional disinfection modes such as basin washing. The defect of these modes is that many people use the same disinfection tool, and the disinfection effect of the disinfectant is reduced after multiple uses, which cannot achieve a thorough disinfection effect. And public contact with disinfection equipment will lead to cross infection of bacteria

It is understood that UV light disinfection or disinfectant are generally used for hand disinfection. However, ultraviolet disinfection equipment is expensive and has side effects on the human body. Disinfectant treatment is to wash hands directly in the disinfectant or spray the disinfectant on the hands. However, at this stage, the disinfection method of hand disinfection with disinfectant has the following disadvantages: 1. In the case of strict disinfection, it is difficult for individuals to complete alone, which requires two people to cooperate. 2. After hand disinfection, there is the possibility of being polluted again. 3. The amount of disinfectant is large. 4. The disinfectant is placed open, which not only has the possibility of pollution, but also has a low safety factor because the disinfectant is a volatile, flammable and explosive organic liquid. 5 It is not easy to popularize widely

However, in some special places, such as hospital operating rooms and sterile rooms, after cleaning the hands, in order to make the hands more clean and sterile, sometimes disinfected water is sprayed on the cleaned hands to make the hand cleaning and disinfection more complete. However, ordinary disinfected water sprayers only spray disinfected water on the hands as much as possible, which is not only not very stable, Moreover, the time of spray can not be accurately controlled, and the automatic spray can not be used at the same time, which has a great disadvantage. In view of the above shortcomings and shortcomings of the existing hand disinfection technology, the appliance here provides a hand disinfection and sterilization atomization device -- hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomization sterilizer. It can not only effectively carry out spray disinfection on the hand, realize the operation of automatic disinfection spray, but also automatically determine the time of disinfection spray, which is very convenient and practical

The hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomization sterilizer can be wall mounted on the wall. The atomization amount of a single machine can reach 1.8kg/h, which is much more powerful than the ordinary hand sterilizer. The amount of fog can be adjusted, and the spray is very fine and comfortable. It has the following features:

1. Intelligent disinfection: the equipment adopts the intelligent disinfection control mode, which increases the operating life of the equipment while saving costs

2. Large amount of fog: the equipment can produce a large amount of disinfection fog in a short time, meeting the performance requirements of large area and short aging

3. Tiny fog particles: the disinfection fog sprayed by the equipment can reach the micron level, making the disinfection of pedestrians more comprehensive and free of dead space

4. Stable performance: the main body of the equipment adopts a separate integrated design, which makes the performance of the equipment more stable and has a longer service life

5. Strong corrosion resistance: the equipment shell is made of high-quality corrosion resistant plastic, which can have good corrosion resistance and increase its service life

6. Cold proof and antifreeze: The product can be antifreeze and cold proof according to customer requirements, so that you can also do a good job of epidemic prevention and disinfection in winter

7. Thorough disinfection: the equipment adopts high-power fan, which can make the disinfection fog spread better, so that users will have no worries from now on

The hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomizing sterilizer has novel appearance, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance, and small particle size range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. The utility model also has the advantages of high efficiency and the sterilization effect is not affected by the humidity. Welcome to consult the details of hand sterilizer and hand disinfection, sterilization and atomization device

Technical parameters of hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomization sterilizer:

Hand sterilizer

Application scope of hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomization sterilizer: it can be used for spray disinfection and sterilization of indoor air and surface in medical, health and epidemic prevention departments. It is also used to disinfect, sterilize and kill insects in schools, kindergartens, stations, docks, airports, customs and epidemic prevention departments and other public places. It is applicable to the disinfection and sterilization of wards, outpatient departments, operating rooms, inpatient departments and dispensing rooms of hospitals at all levels; It can also be used for disinfection and sterilization in factories or enterprise production workshops, packaging workshops, sterile rooms, laboratories and other places. See more hand disinfectors. The details of hand disinfection, sterilization and atomization devices can be found in: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, the hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomization sterilizer needs no installation, is simple in structure and convenient in use, and can be set up in public places to provide everyone with disinfectant spray for hand disinfection. The disinfectant sprayed from the spray mouth is in the form of aerosol, which can make the atomized disinfectant contact with the hand surface evenly to kill viruses and germs. The disinfection and sterilization effect is good. It can quantize the liquid supply process and make the liquid supply more economical and reasonable. During the whole process of spray disinfection, the user's hands are basically not in contact with the device, which can avoid the fear of the user's health status and cross infection after multiple users use, which is very practical for people to prevent infection of various infectious viruses and germs, such as SARS, COVID-19 and other viruses

In a word, the hand sterilizer XS-3 ultrasonic atomizing sterilizer is a kind of hand disinfection and sterilization atomizing device that is convenient and fast, free from secondary pollution and cross infection due to contact, safe and reliable in disinfection, and can be widely used in hospitals, schools, banks, parks, hotels, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, KTV entertainment places, government institutions and other public places. All the above contents about hand sterilizer and hand disinfection, sterilization and atomization device are provided by the electric appliance for your reference