How to reduce house humidity in summer- Working principle of Dehumidifier

When you realize that your room or most of your homes rooms are too damp, you may want to know how to handle this problem. If thats true, this article is what youre looking for Here we will discuss...

When you realize that your room or most of your home's rooms are too damp, you may want to know how to handle this problem. If that's true, this article is what you're looking for

Here we will discuss comprehensively how to deal with the humid indoor environment When is the humidity level too high every year

The rising humidity level is something we usually encounter every year, except in very humid areas where the humidity level is usually high at almost all times. Many people believe that when the humidity in the house is too high every winter, is this right

How to reduce house humidity in summer- Working principle of Dehumidifier

The fact that you need to know is that in fact, the humidity level of residents usually increases not only in winter each year.

. The same conditions are likely to occur in the summer

This may be even more surprising for you, as in fact, the humidity levels in summer are higher than those in winter.

Especially for this point, there is a scientific explanation that can make everything clearer. The main culprit is simply the high temperature in summer. It increases humidity through natural reactions in the air

How to reduce house humidity in summer

As mentioned in the previous section, humidity in winter and summer is higher than humidity.

. The situation is even worse because humidity is also combined with hot weather

This is definitely the main reason why people, including you, feel more uncomfortable when facing summer dampness instead of winter dampness.

. Not only outdoors, but also indoors. Due to the same reasons, you may even find it difficult to fall asleep on summer nights

Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with humidity in indoor environment in summer For example, you can avoid opening curtains during the day to reduce the heat entering the house

If you are worried about indoor darkness, as most of the curtains are closed during the day. If the curtains are made of thick materials, you can replace those curtains with pure curtains, especially those with bright colors, because this color can reflect heat rather than absorb it.

If you want to open all your windows during the day because you think it can make the indoor air colder, it seems like you need to reconsider this decision

Opening all windows during summer may not be a good decision, as some windows may face strong sunlight.

. The best solution is to only open windows in shaded areas to reduce heat entering your house. Without dehumidifier, how can we dehumidify

It is also a good solution to use electric fans, especially when you need to stay indoors on hot days. The reason is that the fan will move the air around the body, which is good because it will make the sweat on the body evaporate better

In order to let you know that one of the reasons why you feel very uncomfortable during hot weather is because the air is too humid, making it difficult for sweat to evaporate into the air.

To sleep comfortably on summer nights, you can try opening the bedroom window one hour before going to bed. This simple solution will allow fresh breeze to enter the room, making it easier for you to achieve better sleep quality

When you want to try previous solutions, one thing you need to remember is to close the windows again after you think the room has received enough breeze, otherwise you need to deal with the possibility of summer insects (including mosquitoes) entering the room

If you think it would be better to open the windows all night because you cannot tolerate heat and humidity, you can consider using window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

How to remove moisture from the air

The main idea for reducing room humidity is to remove moisture from the air.

. The natural methods mentioned earlier can actually be effective However, sometimes you just want another simpler solution that doesn't require too much work. In this case, of course, you can use the Dehumidifier in summer, winter or any other season to deal with high humidity What exactly is it? Is it really the best solution for dehumidification? Let's take a look at the next part of this article

What is a Dehumidifier

The Dehumidifier can be simply described as an electronic hardware that can be used to reduce the high humidity level in the indoor environment to achieve balance

Generally, Dehumidifier has 4 main components. Those are

Fan compressor

Cooling coil


Reservoir or water container

Working principle of Dehumidifier

If you ask how it works, it is to remove moisture from the air. A simple step-by-step explanation of how it works can be seen below

First, the Dehumidifier sucks hot and humid air in the room by using a fan compressor Then, inside the dehumidifier, the air will pass through the cooling coil, which actually removes moisture from the air in order to obtain air with lower humidity. The method is to cool the hot air

Before being blown to the indoor environment again, the less humid air will pass through the heater, whose function is to reheat the air to its original temperature. Therefore, Dehumidifier is not always cooled like air

Finally, the air will be sent back to the indoor environment, where the excess water will be collected in the reservoir in the form of water