Use warehouse Dehumidifier to protect the goods in the warehouse in case of flood

Since the summer, floods have been frequent, with provinces such as Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu participating. Affected by heavy rain, the demand for drugs is increasing. Meanwhile, drug...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Industry Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Since the summer, floods have been frequent, with provinces such as Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu participating. Affected by heavy rain, the demand for drugs is increasing. Meanwhile, drug warehouses are prone to water accumulation. In the frequent rainstorm season, how to ensure the dryness of drug storage and ensure the storage strip of drugs. The stability of parts has become a major challenge for pharmaceutical companies

Regardless of the type of drug, appropriate temperature and humidity control of the environment during storage is the key to ensuring the quality and effectiveness of drug use. If the medicine warehouse exceeds the humidity standard, the medicine is easily affected by moisture. If the drug is wet, the effect will decrease and microorganisms will also reproduce. Drugs should be stored in corresponding warehouses according to the specified temperature and humidity requirements, and various drug warehouses should maintain a constant temperature. Each drug should be stored in refrigeration (2-10 ℃), refrigeration (below 20 ℃), or room temperature (0-30 ℃) according to the requirements of refrigeration conditions, and the relative humidity of each storage room should be maintained between 45% and 65%

In summer and continuous rainy weather, the humidity in the drug store tends to exceed the standard, so it is very important to select a warehouse dehumidifier with good dehumidification effect and stable performance. It is reported that PARKOO series warehouse Dehumidifier uses the principle of freeze drying to drop wet air into the evaporator, so that the dew point temperature is lower than the air temperature. E water droplets, and then the dry air is discharged by the condensation heat of the refrigerant compressor. industrial dehumidifier is used by many pharmaceutical companies or enterprises in drug stores

The industrial Dehumidifier, under the effect of the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, cold suspect), reduces the temperature of the surface cooler to below the dew point temperature. The fan pumps wet air into the machine and conducts heat exchange with the surface cooler. The water vapor in the wet air condenses into water droplets, Discharge the body or water tank from the body. The production of dry air enters the indoor environment, reducing indoor humidity and gradually achieving a drying effect in damp spaces

The storage of drugs in the warehouse is very special and must be placed within the specified temperature and humidity, in accordance with the "five distance" regulations of the material warehouse management. When managing color codes, the ground should be clean and waterless, with a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius at room temperature, no more than 20 degrees Celsius for cold storage, and 2-10 degrees Celsius for refrigeration, Relative humidity: 45%~75% drug stacking "five distances" The distance between the drug and the wall, ceiling, lamp, radial artery, Tor or heating tube should not be less than 30 millimeters, and the grounding distance should not be less than 10 centimeters. At the same time, there should be temperature and humidity detection equipment in the warehouse, and many people use temperature and humidity recorders, but there are also shortcomings. We need to analyze and organize the data every time. If the temperature and humidity can be displayed in real-time on the monitoring video, it is intuitive and easy to manage.


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