June 26,2023

Full automatic personnel channel disinfector

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It is well known that at present, in public places such as hospitals, schools, airports, stations, cinemas, theaters, and other places with large turnover of people, as well as enterprises and institutions such as food factories, breeding farms, epidemic prevention stations, slaughterhouses, and meat processing enterprises, the requirements for environmental health conditions are relatively high, so it is possible to prevent people from carrying viruses; Usually, personnel disinfection channels are set up to disinfect the incoming and outgoing personnel, effectively avoiding the spread of viruses and bacteria Product introduction

Personnel disinfection channel can also be called disinfection room, disinfection room, disinfection corridor, etc. It can be divided into personnel disinfection channel and vehicle disinfection channel; Most of the existing disinfection methods for personnel are manual hand washing or manual disinfection with spray. However, this disinfection method is not only troublesome and complex, but also has poor disinfection effect, low efficiency and incomplete disinfection. Because of manual disinfection during disinfection, it is impossible to determine the amount of liquid medicine used. When there is a surplus of liquid medicine, there will be precipitation in the liquid medicine after a long time, and the effect of the liquid medicine will be reduced or deteriorated

The focus of epidemic prevention and disease treatment is to control from the source. After years of production and research, the electrical appliance has designed a full-automatic spray system for personnel disinfection channels in special places such as breeding farms. This system uses the principle of ultrasonic fog disinfection to atomize the disinfectant into extremely fine aerosol molecules, which are dispersed in the designated disinfection space, and prevent the spread of viruses from the source Product live shooting

Generally, indoor space and air are sterilized by three methods: ultraviolet disinfection, spray disinfection and ozone disinfection. However, ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection are harmful to human health; Therefore, indoor space and air disinfection are generally conducted by spray disinfection; It is also very simple. It only needs to configure a professional spray disinfection equipment - XD-3 wall mounted spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile spray disinfection machine to carry out comprehensive spray disinfection. This disinfection method can atomize the disinfectant into 1-10 microns of atomized particles, so that all disinfectant solutions "float" in the air, so as to wrap more viruses and bacteria and kill them by oxidation:

XD-3 wall mounted atomization disinfection machine, The control mode adopts the automatic cycle control of digital timing controller. The automatic cycle control cycle is from one second to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. The working time and stop time can be set at will. After setting, it can work continuously without the need for personnel; It is equipped with a self-contained water tank with a capacity of 5.5 kg. The upper end of the water tank is connected with a water inlet, and the lower end is equipped with a water drain switch; According to actual needs, PVC pipes with a diameter of Ф 75mm can be connected, and the transmission distance can be about 5-8m; Easy operation and maintenance Product application: Full automatic disinfection channel for personnel in breeding farms Product application: Full automatic disinfection machine for personnel channel in breeding farms (wall mounted) Product features, The box body is made of stainless steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which not only ensures the beautiful appearance but also meets the requirements of equipment anti-corrosion. Injecting neutral deodorant can automatically deodorize spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, toilets, etc. Injecting neutral disinfected water can automatically disinfect rooms, and injecting tap water can automatically humidify the air in places. You are welcome to consult the full automatic personnel passage disinfector and the details of the full automatic personnel passage disinfector

  _ Mobile spray disinfection machine and XD series full-automatic personnel disinfection channel spray system machine do not need to connect the water pipe, put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust cooling equipment. The wheeled walking structure can move around the disinfection machine according to the needs of everyone, and spray can be carried out indoors within the reach of the power supply; It can connect 110mm PVC pipe, 75mm flexible plastic pipe or fan-shaped direct spray nozzle to increase the wide applicability of the equipment Product application: public place full-automatic personnel disinfection channel Product application: public place full-automatic personnel channel disinfection (mobile) Product effect

※ What is the effect of using XD-3 wall mounted atomizing disinfection machine and XD series mobile spray disinfection machine for personnel disinfection channel

◎ The personnel disinfection channel can quickly kill foreign viruses and bacteria carried by the human body, and block the transmission of foreign diseases

◎ The atomization effect is good, the fog flow is crossed in many directions, the coverage is comprehensive, the adhesion is strong, the disinfection and sterilization effect is significant, and the efficiency is high

◎ The general disinfection channel can be completely diffused within 30 seconds. The disinfection time is only 5-15 seconds, which is not harmful to human health and is safer to use

◎ The disinfection scope is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively isolate the source of infection and reduce the harm caused by viruses and germs; No hidden danger of disinfection is left

The diameter of fog particles produced by XD-3 wall mounted atomizing disinfection machine and XD series mobile spray disinfection machine is only less than 10 μ m. The particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air for a long time. It has many uses such as air humidification, disinfection and purification, disinfection and sterilization, prevention of static electricity, reduction of dust, cooling and dust reduction, etc; It can not only carry out uniform spray disinfection in a larger space, but also carry out local spray disinfection in a special space. It has high flexibility and improves the air you and I breathe together To sum up,

Carts or vehicles are sterilized by 360 ° spray without dead angle, which is one of the widely used personnel disinfection methods. The disinfection method can kill bacteria and viruses attached to the clothes of the personnel entering the site, exposed skin, upper hair and other parts of the human body exposed to the air. All the above reports about the automatic personnel passage disinfector and the automatic personnel passage disinfector are provided by the electric appliance for your reference and study only