March 17,2023

Dehumidifier for basement warehouse dehumidifier for large basement warehouse

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

dehumidifier for basement warehouse dehumidifier technology for large basement warehouse? Generally, do not wipe the floor every day. Generally, it is good to wipe the floor two or three times a week because the humidity will increase a lot without you. It is also bad for goods. As long as you sweep the floor every day, you can help clean and tidy the warehouse. The moistureproof of the warehouse must be done well. This is the top priority

The humidity in the air is unavoidable, mainly because your own treatment is necessary. If the warehouse area is small, ventilation must be maintained. An exhaust fan can be added to enhance ventilation and air flow. The temperature in the warehouse should be controlled at about 18-25 ℃. It is better to put a hygrometer in the warehouse and control the humidity at 50-60% RH on the right. This is the best and necessary method to reduce dew condensation

Factories where conditions permit can install dehumidifiers in sealed warehouses before shipment, dehumidify products, and then transport them in containers. When the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the doors and windows, otherwise open the doors and windows, and record the humidity and temperature changes. If the indoor relative humidity is ≥ 80% RH in the wet season, open it in time_ The dehumidifier in the basement warehouse and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier reduce the risk of products being affected by damp and mildew

It is better to put the goods on the shelf rather than on the ground directly because the ground is very humid. A shelf will be better. When checking the goods, you should carefully check whether there is any dew on the tape of the goods package. If there is, you should organize to wipe it off. Avoid everything possible to form a moderate possibility and minimize it

Whether the moderately processed materials in the warehouse can be used or not. Pay attention to the weather forecast every day. During the induction training for employees, we must be clear about the division of labor and take timely countermeasures. In case of severe humidity, we must report in time and deal with it in time to avoid incalculable troubles and losses