December 29,2022

Electric aerosol spray, epidemic prevention and control spray disinfection machine

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Electric aerosol spray, epidemic prevention and control spray disinfection machine news information is well known. In the face of new infectious diseases, there is no vaccine that can be completely prevented, and there is no particularly effective drug that can be quickly cured. What we can do is to strengthen our physical fitness, improve immunity, and resist virus invasion; Although the current research and development work of new infectious disease vaccines has achieved some significant achievements, it is still unable to promote and use them in a large scale; So what we can rely on now is: the only effective thing is to do a good job of epidemic prevention and disinfection

Epidemic prevention and disinfection work is an indispensable link in the process of epidemic prevention and control, especially in this extraordinary period, which seriously threatens the survival and health of human beings. Controlling the source of disease plays a key role in the disinfection of ambient air. There are three basic links in the occurrence of epidemic diseases: the source of infection, the route of transmission, and the susceptible population. The main purpose of epidemic prevention and disinfection is to kill the pathogens of infectious sources. Especially in some special environments, such as hospitals, epidemic areas, public places and large-scale personnel concentration areas, air disinfection and purification is an urgent problem to be solved

spray disinfection: It is the most widely used method in epidemic prevention disinfection, and is used for air, floor, wall, appliances, etc. It has a large disinfection area, fast disinfection speed, and wide disinfection range! In fact, many disinfectants are effective in killing novel coronavirus. As long as the use method is correct, disinfectants are selected according to the three principles of disinfectant selection (three principles of disinfectant selection: different disinfectants are selected in different seasons; different disinfectants are selected for different pathogenic microorganisms; different disinfectants are selected for different disinfection objects), which can effectively prevent and control new infectious diseases

However, everyone should be careful when spraying disinfectants. It is useless to use the general hand pressure spray in the market, because its atomization degree of disinfectants is relatively small, it can not float in the air for a long time, and it can only disinfect the ground. Only an aerosol spray can be used. Only this kind of spray can atomize the disinfectant to aerosol particles below 30 microns (commonly known as aerosols), so the disinfectant floats in the air for a long time, combines with the virus for a long time, and the disinfection effect is better

spray disinfection machine_ The electric aerosol spray uses the air flow atomization principle to spray the liquid medicine with high speed and extremely fine aerosol particles, which is simple to operate, convenient for the user to carry and replace the liquid medicine, and can carry out spray disinfection from various angles on the surface of objects and fabrics at will. The purpose of full disinfection and sterilization can be achieved by skimming extremely fine aerosol aerosol particles from the surface of objects

spray disinfection machine_ Performance characteristics of electric aerosol spray:

① nozzle made of corrosion-resistant plastic

② Fog particles float longer in the air

③ Spray distance: 7-8m, power: 1000W, voltage: 220V

④ The shell made of engineering plastics is solid and beautiful

⑤ Small size and light weight, only 3 kg, making it easier to carry

⑥ The places that cannot be cleaned by human can be sterilized by spray at will

⑦ The 1.5m long hose is connected with the hand-held nozzle, which is convenient and flexible for spraying

⑧ The hand-held suction head and medicine bottle made of anti-corrosion materials are convenient for dressing change

spray disinfection machine_ The electric aerosol spray has novel shape, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance and small particle spectrum range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. The utility model also has the advantages of high efficiency and the sterilization effect is not affected by the humidity

Welcome to consult the details of electric aerosol spray and epidemic prevention and control spray disinfection machine! There are many kinds of spray, and different brands of spray have slight differences in price and application range. We will provide you with comprehensive after-sales service and high-quality solutions

Spray disinfection machine_ Technical indicators of electric aerosol spray:

spray disinfection machine_ Scope of application of electric aerosol spray: it is mainly used for indoor air and surface disinfection and sterilization by air soluble spray in medical and health epidemic prevention departments. It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing in schools, kindergartens, station docks, airports, customs epidemic prevention departments and other public places. It is applicable to disinfection and sterilization of hospital wards, outpatient departments and operating rooms at all levels; It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing of hotels, hotel rooms, toilets, kitchens and restaurants at all levels. It can be used for disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal and deodorization of passenger cars, trains, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles

It can also be used to kill insects and sterilize vegetables, flowers, greenhouses and greenhouses; Used for epidemic prevention and disinfection of chicken farms, pig farms and various animal farms; The ultra-low volume preparation liquid can be used to kill pests; Spray deodorant to eliminate indoor odor; Spray water for indoor air humidification, dust reduction, etc. For more information about electric aerosol spray and epidemic prevention and control spray disinfection machines, please log on to: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Spray disinfection machine_ Parameters of disinfectant volume of electric aerosol spray:

To sum up, with the outbreak of new infectious diseases in many provinces across the country, it has brought a heavy blow to the local people. Recently, everyone has turned pale when talking about "epidemic". However, this new infectious disease that affected the whole country also demonstrated the unprecedented determination of the Chinese people to fight against the new infectious disease. China's unique national system has once again burst out with the only rapid response capability. Party committees and governments at all levels as well as all sectors of society have made concerted efforts to provide people and suggestions. When one party is in trouble, all parties rush to help, and you can feel full of positive energy everywhere

Any unit or individual shall report to the local competent department, health supervision institution or epidemic disease prevention and control institution immediately in case of any suspicious situation of the disease. After the diagnosis, the relevant department shall dispose of the disease according to the treatment method of Class I epidemic disease. Any unit or individual shall not dispose of the patients with new infectious diseases without permission, nor shall they conceal it. Active reporting is beneficial to the country, the people and ourselves, while concealment is harmful to others and ourselves, which is not conducive to the prevention and control of new infectious diseases

All the above contents about electric aerosol spray and epidemic prevention and control spray disinfection machine are provided by electrical appliances, and some commonly used ambient air disinfection methods in epidemic prevention and control are introduced in detail; It should be noted that in the process of epidemic prevention and disinfection, attention must be paid to the correct dosage of disinfectant and the use of disinfection machine, so as to achieve the most effective disinfection effect. I hope it can help you! In addition, while preventing and controlling new infectious diseases, we should also consider preventing and controlling other infectious diseases. We should not ignore one thing and lose the other. We should kill two birds with one stone and get twice the result with half the effort