January 04,2023

Hotel spray sterilizer, frequent disinfection, strict prevention and control

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Hotels and guesthouses spray disinfectors, frequent disinfection, strict prevention and control, rest assured of the news. From the current situation, the epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased results, and the epidemic situation across the country has shown a positive trend. Relevant provinces can appropriately adjust the emergency response level according to the actual situation of each region, achieve zoning and grading, precise prevention and control, and orderly restore production and living order. All major hotels and guesthouses are about to resume business. How to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control? As a public place, hotels and guesthouses must do a good job in epidemic prevention and provide guests with a comfortable living environment

Therefore, the disinfection and epidemic prevention work of hotels should not be relaxed. Without scientific disinfection and protection methods, it is difficult for the hotel to work normally, and without good sanitation and disinfection habits, it is difficult to form a good reputation among customers! The disinfection and epidemic prevention supplies that the hotel needs to prepare are as follows: masks, goggles, gloves, infrared temperature guns, disinfectant, 75% alcohol, detergent, disinfection cabinet, regular flu medication, cleaning cloth, disinfection and sterilization spray, hand-held spray pots, other cleaning appliances, supplies, etc. At present, the market for disinfection and epidemic prevention products is tight, and the stamina after the epidemic will last for 2-3 months; Therefore, all major hotels and guesthouses should make preparations as early as possible

Generally, the epidemic prevention work of hotels should focus on cleaning, supplemented by preventive disinfection, and excessive disinfection should be avoided. The hotel has increased disinfection efforts on the basis of the original daily standard sanitation, regularly sprayed disinfectant on the elevator, door handle and other details of each area in the guest area, and wiped and disinfected the fences and elevator buttons that guests can touch anywhere with high concentration alcohol. In addition to daily cleaning and disinfection, the hotel sprays and disinfects the public areas of guest floors at regular intervals every day. The windows in the guest rooms are opened for ventilation for 45 min, and the telephone, remote control and other guest items are wiped with disinfectant to strictly disinfect the floors of the guest rooms, so that each guest can stay at ease

In general, the disinfectors used for indoor space and air disinfection generally use ultraviolet disinfection, spray disinfection, and ozone disinfection. However, the use of ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection has great harm to human health; Therefore, indoor space and air disinfection are generally conducted by spray disinfection; It is also very simple, just need to configure a professional spray disinfection equipment--_ Hotel and hotel spray disinfectors and XD series mobile spray disinfectors are used for comprehensive spray disinfection. This disinfection method can atomize the disinfectant into 1-10 micron aerosol particles, so that all disinfectant solutions "float" in the air, so as to wrap more viruses and bacteria and kill them by oxidation

For different disinfection objects, disinfection should be carried out according to the above use concentration, action time and disinfection method to ensure disinfection effect. In general, disinfectants have certain toxicity and irritation. During preparation and use, attention should be paid to personal protection. Protective glasses, masks and gloves should be worn. At the same time, disinfectants have certain corrosivity. After disinfection, attention should be paid to wiping with clean water to prevent damage to disinfected items. The disinfectant used shall be within the validity period

The lobby of the hotel should be spray every 2h for 5-10 minutes. The corridor shall be sterilized by spray every 2h for 5-10min, and the narrow and long corridor shall be sterilized in sections. The guest room shall be "one guest, one disinfection". After the guest leaves the room, the room shall be cleaned and spray disinfection shall be carried out for 3-5 minutes to achieve multiple effects of air disinfection, odor removal, formaldehyde removal and dust mite removal. The kitchen space shall be disinfected by spray three times a day in the morning, noon and evening. All food materials shall be disinfected with disinfectant for 5min after cleaning. All kitchen utensils, such as dishes, chopsticks, knives, chopping boards, etc., shall be sprayed, wiped or soaked with disinfectant for disinfection in a timely manner after being cleaned of greasy dirt. The canteen shall be atomized for disinfection 30-60 minutes before and after the meal, and the disinfection time shall be 5-10 minutes

  _ Hotel and hotel spray disinfectors and XD series mobile spray disinfectors have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine mist particles], [simple operation], which makes disinfection safer and more comfortable, and 360 ° all-round disinfection without dead corners is more thorough; Just add the prepared disinfectant solution into the pure water bucket (18.9L) and put it on the liquid supply. It can be sterilized by mobile spray. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization and deodorization, and dust and temperature reduction equipment. It is extremely convenient to carry, and can be moved at any time according to the needs of the hotel. It can carry out spray disinfection for multiple sections and spaces; The operation is very simple, and ordinary sanitation workers can use it skillfully; Welcome to consult the hotel hotel spray disinfection machine, frequent disinfection, strict control and rest assured of living details

_ The atomization amount and control method of hotel spray disinfectors and XD series mobile spray disinfectors:

※ Use of disinfection channels for personnel and vehicles_ How about the effect of hotel spray disinfection machine and XD series mobile spray disinfection machine

◎ The disinfection channel of personnel and vehicles can quickly kill foreign viruses and bacteria carried by human body, and block the transmission of foreign diseases

◎ The atomization effect is good, the fog flow is crossed in many directions, the coverage is comprehensive, the adhesion is strong, the disinfection and sterilization effect is significant, and the efficiency is high

◎ The general disinfection channel can be completely diffused after 30s. The disinfection time is only 10-30 seconds, which is not harmful to human health and vehicle body, and is safer to use

◎ The disinfection scope is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively isolate the source of infection and reduce the harm caused by viruses and germs; No hidden danger of disinfection is left

To sum up, the domestic hotel industry is facing great challenges under the epidemic. In the following days, the hotel staff should work together to fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together! In order to ensure that guests can "stay at ease" after the epidemic is over, all major hotels and guesthouses strictly control every detail during their stay, and introduce eight safeguard measures, including "health detection", "disinfection in the store", "peace of mind package", "no dead corner disinfection in guest rooms", "high-frequency disinfection in public areas", "24-hour medical assistance", "purchasing and distribution", and "separate meal delivery service"

The editor introduced some common sense and methods of hotel disinfection through the above hotel spray disinfection machine, frequent disinfection, strict prevention, control and reassurance. I hope hotel management personnel can learn about it as a reference. In the future, when disinfecting hotels, choose environmentally friendly disinfectants and use disinfection equipment--_ The hotel spray sterilizer and XD series mobile spray sterilizer are used for spray disinfection and sterilization. I believe that it will definitely make the hotel safer and the customers who check in feel more at ease