Industrial Dehumidifier can help a lot in rainy season

In recent years, Dehumidifier have gradually emerged, especially in the south. In fact, the Dehumidifier was first used in industry to adjust the temperature and humidity of the production environment...

In recent years, dehumidifier have gradually emerged, especially in the south. In fact, the Dehumidifier was first used in industry to adjust the temperature and humidity of the production environment or warehouse to avoid damage to goods during production and storage. In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, the application range of industrial dehumidifier has become wider and wider. In many industries, the demand for Dehumidifier has increased year by year, such as warehousing, pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries. Industry, etc. The following describes the use of some industrial Dehumidifier

Compared with domestic and commercial dehumidifier, industrial Dehumidifier are more and more widely used. It can dry large areas of air, avoid dampness and moldy items, dry items, and quickly dry cardboard boxes, wood, printed materials, medicinal materials, etc., which are moist, efficient, and energy-saving, especially suitable for large vehicles. Warehouse and warehouse

Industrial Dehumidifier can help a lot in rainy season

Application of dehumidifiers in the food industry

In terms of food safety, food factories and warehouses not only need to ensure basic conditions such as no water leakage (such as ceiling leakage), no pests, and equipment cleaning, but also strictly require the temperature, humidity, and storage capacity of food factories. If the temperature and humidity are too high to produce fungi, it can lead to food storage spoilage, producing very strong toxins, causing food poisoning, disease, cancer, etc. Therefore, food factories and storage warehouses should maintain low temperature, dryness, and ventilation There is a significant relationship between mold and mold. Food dehumidifiers should be equipped with warehouses in food production and sales enterprises to address such safety issues. In addition to selecting industrial temperature dehumidification units, special exhaust systems should also be installed. The Dehumidifier can be configured according to the size and tightness of the space. It also has automatic operation and sectional adjustment functions. The climate environment should be considered to improve the dehumidification rate and reduce energy consumption. H as much as possible

Food and petroleum, tea, dairy products, beverages, and other food enterprises need industrial dehumidifiers to control temperature and humidity, disrupt bacterial reproduction and living environment, ensure food quality, and improve storage time. The industrial Dehumidifier automatically controls the indoor air humidity to prevent excessive humidity or humidity

Application of Dehumidifier in the machinery industry. In addition to necessary wear and aging, the main cause of damage is the oxidation and corrosion of equipment by high humidity air, which solves the problem of high humidity environment and reduces the degree of equipment aging

In high humidity environments, equipment can cause early failure of components, oxidation and corrosion of metal materials, insulation strength of insulation materials, etc., which will lead to economic losses caused by equipment damage. From a circuit perspective, the higher the humidity, the worse the circuit performance, leading to unstable equipment operation and thus affecting the production of the enterprise. Industrial dehumidifiers can effectively avoid these problems, reduce the possibility of equipment oxidation, eliminate a breeding ground for bacterial survival, and prevent mold growth

Application of dehumidifiers in the pharmaceutical industry

The most important factors for drug spoilage are temperature and humidity. When the humidity in a pharmaceutical factory is too high, the drug will absorb water, making the increase in water content of the drug prone to mold and deterioration. Therefore, controlling environmental humidity is very important for drugs. During the production process, air will come into contact with drugs, and bacteria, harmful gases, and moisture in the air will have more or less physical and chemical effects on drugs. The reactions are mainly harmful and uncontrollable. Therefore, Dehumidifier must be installed to solve this problem, strictly control the environmental requirements, and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical students. The production technology standards ensure the high purity, low impurities, and minimal side effects of drugs produced by pharmaceutical factories, thereby ensuring the production quality of drugs

If products are stored in an environment with high humidity, they are prone to moisture and affect the efficacy of the drug. In order to ensure the safety of drug warehouses, pharmaceutical factories must strictly monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and cleanliness inside the warehouses. The industrial Dehumidifier can help the pharmaceutical factory to achieve this state control requirement. It has dual functions of dehumidification and air purification, making the experimental results more rigorous and accurate

The growth, development, and reproduction of microorganisms cannot do without water, and different microorganisms have significant differences in their requirements for relative humidity (or water demand). Air humidity affects the lifespan, growth, and reproduction of microorganisms. Therefore, the research and development laboratory of pharmaceutical research and development laboratories is more strict in the research and development environment, and must control constant temperature and humidity. Only under the same environmental conditions can we ensure that the error in the experimental results is not significant, and the overall error leads to adverse effects and serious consequences of drug clinical trials. Industrial Dehumidifier can provide a constant humidity environment, making the test results more accurate