January 12,2023

Hospital air disinfector, hospital disinfection equipment for infectious diseases

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The news of hospital air disinfectors and disinfection equipment in infectious disease hospitals is well known. In this war of prevention and control without smoke," great isolation and disinfection " It can be said that it is the most important two links. Hospital is a main place for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. A large number of patients are received here every day, and some patients will carry a large number of bacteria and viruses. If there are not enough supporting disinfection measures, the hospital will definitely become a "warehouse" of bacteria and viruses

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of modern medical level, in order to reduce or eliminate hospital infection as much as possible and protect critical patients from cross infection, preventive measures against hospital infection must be strengthened. For example, strict isolation of infectious patients, scientific and effective disinfection measures should be taken for articles, medical devices, hospital floor and air that patients may contact.

A hospital is a public place with a complex population. There are different bacteria and viruses in the indoor air, so it is an indispensable step to disinfect the air on time every day. Air disinfection is an indispensable technical operation in the hospital's operating room, burn ward, infectious ward, treatment room, dressing room, waiting room, etc. Air is the vector of many diseases, and microbial contamination of indoor air and object surface is One of the important factors causing hospital infection seriously threatens the health of hospital staff and medical personnel. Indoor air disinfection is an important measure to effectively block the transmission of respiratory viruses

Respiratory infectious diseases are mainly transmitted through air droplets. They spread quickly and cover a wide range of areas. It is reported that in hospital environments, respiratory infectious diseases account for 36.19%~70.89% of hospital infections. Especially in hospitals, where vulnerable people are concentrated, how to effectively disinfect the air, reduce hospital infections caused by air pollution, and eliminate and control pathogenic microorganisms in the air has always been a concern The topic of. When air disinfection was carried out in old hospitals, nurses used to spray disinfectant with spray pots. The disinfection effect is poor, which greatly wastes valuable medical resources; The cost of this disinfection method is also very high

It is understood that ordinary disinfection instruments have a relatively small degree of micromation of disinfectants, and the disinfection particles sprayed by them are relatively large, so they are easy to sink to the ground and cannot float in the air for a long time, so they cannot have the effect of air disinfection. But how should hospitals be disinfected? Disinfection experts pointed out that they should pay attention to the disinfection of living environments, such as living environments and public places, and should use professional air disinfection equipment - air disinfection Poison machine; For this reason, XDC-3 Hospital Air Disinfector has become an essential disinfection equipment for many hospitals; It has the following features:

1. Intelligent disinfection: the equipment adopts the intelligent disinfection control mode, which increases the operating life of the equipment while saving costs.

2. Large amount of fog: the equipment can produce a large amount of disinfection fog in a short time, meeting the performance requirements of large area and short aging.

3. Tiny fog particles: the disinfection fog sprayed by the equipment can reach the micron level, making the disinfection of passers-by more comprehensive without dead corners.

4. Stable performance: the main body of the device adopts a separate integrated design, which makes the performance of the device more stable and has a longer service life.