May 28,2023

Dehumidifier in food processing workshop, moisture removal equipment in food processing workshop

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Food processing workshop dehumidifier, food processing workshop moisture removal equipment technology dynamic food safety is no small matter, directly related to people's physical health! In the production, storage, and circulation of food, slight negligence can lead to food safety issues; For example, various foods and their processing materials have very strict requirements for production workshops and storage warehouses; If the environmental humidity is too high or the air is too humid, it is very easy to breed mold, causing the food stored in the warehouse to become damp, moldy, and spoiled; Therefore, food moisture and mold prevention are of great importance; So, how to prevent moisture in food warehouses The storage and transportation process of food is not a short-term issue, and reasonable humidity control is an important indicator to ensure long-term safe storage of food. Many food products and their storage in warehouses may not only deteriorate in taste but also suffer from problems such as mold and spoilage if the environment is too humid, which cannot effectively ensure food safety Therefore, for the problem of excessive humidity or humid air in food factory warehouses, it is recommended to use electrical appliances_ The dehumidifier in the food processing workshop and the PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier strictly control the humidity in the warehouse; In general, as long as the humidity in the warehouse is controlled below 60% RH, it can effectively prevent most food and its processing materials from getting damp and moldy, ensuring the safety of food production and storage

Core Reminder: Nowadays, production enterprises in the food and related industries across the country are paying more and more attention to the production and storage of various foods and their processing materials, as well as food safety issues during the storage process!

! The humidity control of food factory workshops, warehouses, and other environments is a highly valued issue for all food manufacturers

High temperature and humidity environments can cause food to become damp, making it moldy and spoiled. It not only reduces the quality and nutrition of food, but also poses a threat to consumers and causes significant economic losses to food producers.

. For food factories, both food production workshops and storage warehouses must have strict humidity control requirements; It is appropriate to control the air humidity in the general food factory workshop and warehouse environment between 40% -60% RH, which can ensure that food is not affected by damp air during production and storage, causing it to become moldy and spoil Furthermore, different food factories may have different requirements for environmental humidity when producing and storing various types of food and their raw materials; Therefore_ Food processing workshop dehumidifiers and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers have been increasingly adopted by food factories, providing the best humidity environment for production workshops and storage warehouses, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of various foods