The Necessity and Characteristics of High-Temperature Drying Machines

In modern industrial production, whether it is the workshop production environment humidity control, or warehouse moisture dehumidification, are closely related to industrial dehumidifiers. Looking

In modern industrial production, whether it is the workshop production environment humidity control, or warehouse moisture dehumidification, are closely related to industrial dehumidifiers. Looking at today's market, industrial dehumidifier is mainly cooling industrial dehumidifier as the leading.

General cooling industrial dehumidifier is only suitable for 5-38 ℃ environment. For some wood, artificial stone, food and other drying room, its indoor temperature is generally more than 50 ℃, relative humidity ≥ 90%, is the temperature and high humidity and large, the general cooling industrial dehumidifier certainly can not be used normally.

The Necessity and Characteristics of High-Temperature Drying Machines

PARKOO specializes in the development and manufacture of dehumidifiers, after special treatment, PARKOO high-temperature dryer can be used in a high-temperature environment of about 55 ° C. There are also ultra-high-temperature dryer can be operated in a high-temperature environment of about 65 ° C, to meet the needs of different industries on industrial dehumidifiers.

In the face of high temperature and high humidity environment, PARKOOTECH high temperature dryer has what kind of excellent characteristics?

1、Baiao high temperature dryer, with 6 core components

◆Heat exchanger

Adopting thickened inner threaded copper tube and stainless steel end plate, the heat exchanger has high heat exchange efficiency, good drying and dehumidifier effect and durability.

◆Microcomputer intelligent control

Equipped with temperature-resistant large 7-inch touch color screen, the operation is simple and convenient, easy to understand, running status and monitor at any time.

◆ International famous brand compressor

Adopting environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, equipped with thickened internal thread heat exchanger, dehumidification, drying high efficiency.

◆Heating up system

Adopting PTC insulated corrugated heating system, it can quickly raise the temperature of the drying room, which is safe, efficient and energy-saving.

◆Air supply system

It adopts high-temperature resistant external rotor fan, which is characterized by strong wind power, even airflow and smooth operation, and it can be used in high-temperature environment without any safety hidden danger.

◆Process structure

Adopting industry-leading production technology, embedded sheet metal body mechanism design, compact and sturdy mechanism, preventing the equipment from vibration due to poor articulation, and adopting high-temperature baking varnish treatment, enhancing the aesthetics, strength and anticorrosive corrosion performance of the equipment. Multi-level progressive optimization, application of insulation, noise reduction, vibration damping treatment process, all-round reduction of equipment operation noise.

2、Baiao high temperature dryer, is a multi-dimensional function of the collection of body

◆Temperature setting range

19%RH-98%RH, temperature setting range 20-70, continuously adjustable

◆ Clock function

It can display year, month, day, time and week; with power-down memory function, it can memorize the parameter setting value.

◆ Intelligent timer on/off

Intelligent switching on/off every day from Monday to Sunday can be set.

◆ Temperature and humidity values can be set

With the timer on/off function, it can realize unattended and intelligent control. Temperature and humidity value curve display function intuitively view the continuous change of temperature and humidity value within 24 hours.

◆Fault alarm and processing instructions display function

Remind the staff to deal with the abnormality in time and effectively, and at the same time, it can query the historical faults.

◆ Filter cleaning reminder

Regularly clean the filter to ensure that the performance of the machine is in the optimal state.

◆System protection function

It has high-pressure and low-pressure system protection function to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine.

◆Automatic defrosting

With high efficient automatic defrost function for low temperature.

◆Customized setting fan

Users can choose to set whether the fan runs continuously or not.

◆ Fault alarm output interface

It can also realize remote linkage control with other equipments.

◆High and low temperature protection function

When the ambient temperature is higher or lower than the set temperature range, the machine automatically turns on the protection function to improve the service life of the machine.

Choose PARKOO high temperature dryer, control the cost efficiently, win the comfortable and healthy environment, win the high efficiency production, win the high quality products.