March 19,2023

Dehumidifier for epoxy flooring Fast ground dryer for rent

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dehumidifier for epoxy flooring Quick floor dryer can be rented

How much does going back to Nantian affect the epoxy floor construction

In fact, it is not only the south, but also the humid summer.

Excessive humidity will make some chemical materials in the flooring materials unable to react completely,

It has a great impact on the process and results of floor construction

Therefore, epoxy flooring needs to be used in such wet weather:

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01. The epoxy floor is easy to delaminate and blister

When the air humidity is high and the ground moisture is high

Special chemical components in epoxy flooring

It cannot be well integrated with water like cement concrete

In addition, the ground is not dry enough

There may be water in the concrete and terrace to separate them

Therefore, problems such as delamination and blistering may occur after the floor is completed

02. Epoxy flooring materials are prone to residual harmful substances

Due to some chemical components in the epoxy floor when it is wet

Unable to completely react with water,

Hazardous substances are easily left during and after construction,

It threatens the health of construction personnel, maintenance personnel and ordinary basement users

03. The epoxy floor is easy to turn white

When the humidity is too high

Excessive moisture in the air will affect the curing of coatings

Whiten the epoxy floor

04. The quality of epoxy floor is insufficient after completion

During the construction of epoxy floor, two-component epoxy floor coating is required

However, if you use

The mixing of main agent and curing agent will not meet the standard

Affect the construction quality of the floor

5. In addition to the above effects

Too high humidity may also delay the curing of the floor

It is easy to crack, pack or even fall off in the later stage

Therefore, some necessary moisture-proof and dehumidification measures are needed during construction

It is suggested that all floor leaders prepare a temperature and humidity measuring instrument

A ground moisture content meter

Before construction, conduct a survey

Prevent problems before construction, and pave the foundation for high-quality flooring