Rotary dehumidifier, dehumidifier for low humidity environment below 30% RH

Rotary dehumidifier, dehumidification equipment for low humidity environment below 30% RH News Today, with the rapid progress of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of product technolo...

Rotary dehumidifier, dehumidification equipment for low humidity environment below 30% RH News Today, with the rapid progress of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of product technology, such as the pharmaceutical, electronic, semiconductor, food industries, their new production processes and higher requirements for environmental temperature, humidity and cleanliness in the production process, we need to provide a more effective and lower energy consumption air conditioning system, In particular, it is necessary to ensure a low humidity air conditioning environment

At present, indoor ambient air dehumidification mainly includes cooling dehumidification and wheel dehumidification. In air conditioning dehumidification system, cooling dehumidification and wheel dehumidification are the main means. Under the condition that the environment does not require high humidity (RH ≯ 60 ~ 65% RH), cooling dehumidification is still effective, stable in performance and low in energy consumption, and is widely used at present. However, in places where the production environment requires high humidity (RH=45 ± 5% RH), cooling dehumidification is obviously uneconomical

If the rotary dehumidifier is used, it will not be affected by the air dew point, and the dehumidification capacity is large, which is especially suitable for low humidity conditions. However, if the rotary dehumidifier is used for all dehumidification, because of its large energy consumption for regeneration, this scheme is not the most economical. As the runner dehumidification and cooling dehumidification have their own advantages, their efficiency will be better played if they are optimized and combined to complement each other. Now, let's introduce the classification of common dehumidifiers:

Rotary dehumidifier, dehumidifier for low humidity environment below 30% RH

commercial dehumidifiers: enterprises and institutions use a lot of dehumidifiers, generally small workshops, warehouses, archives, power distribution rooms, machine rooms, pump rooms, etc. The dehumidification capacity is generally 80L/D-138L/D, and the applicable area of a single dehumidifier is about 100 ㎡ to 200 ㎡. 220V power supply is used, and continuous drainage is required

industrial dehumidifier: large enterprises, large underground parking plants, large power distribution rooms and other areas are used. The dehumidification capacity is more than 168L/D. Large equipment can be customized according to the site environment. The applicable area of a single set is more than 200 ㎡, 380V power supply is used, and continuous drainage is required

④ Non standard dehumidifiers: (ceiling dehumidifiers, pipe dehumidifiers, temperature regulating dehumidifiers, temperature reducing dehumidifiers, high-temperature resistant dehumidifiers, thermostatic dehumidifiers, etc.) are just as the name implies. The use environment of the equipment can be judged according to the name. Such units need to be designed in detail according to the relevant requirements of customers

II. Classification of rotary dehumidifiers

② Standard rotary dehumidifier: It is generally applicable to large workshops where there is a split air conditioner to control the temperature, and it can also be used with the existing air conditioning system to meet the requirements of humidity below 30% RH

③ Combined rotary dehumidifier: the newly-built plant can control the temperature, humidity and cleanliness at the same time to meet the needs of the enterprise as a whole and reach the humidity below 30% RH

④ Low dew point rotary dehumidifier: at present, the lithium battery industry uses more units, which can control the humidity below 1% RH, meeting the special process requirements for battery production

Small rotary dehumidifier ParkooL series single rotary dehumidifier is the crystallization of our company on the basis of absorbing many design achievements at home and abroad; It is mainly applicable to air conditioning clean environment and dehumidification process places with high requirements for humidity quality; The unit has a variety of series models to choose from, which can be widely used in electronic plants, pharmaceuticals, new energy and other places; It has the advantages of good dehumidification effect, simple structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance

Small rotary dehumidifier ParkooL series single rotary dehumidifier adopts the patented double frame design of anti cooling bridge, the unit frame structure is simple and exquisite, the appearance is dignified and generous, and the air tightness is strong; The interior of the unit is flat, not easy to accumulate ash, no secondary pollution, and suitable for purification. The dehumidification waste heat recovery system is adopted for the unit regeneration to improve the regeneration capacity and reduce the regeneration temperature to achieve maximum energy saving operation. High quality accessories are selected for fine production with unique process; Ensure the quality of the unit

Small rotary dehumidifier ParkooL series single rotary dehumidifier uses existing mature waste heat recovery technology to recover waste heat for regeneration and moisture removal; And low-quality energy or renewable energy can be used; To replace the consumption of high-quality energy to save operating costs; The electrical appliances can provide professional dehumidification and automatic control scheme according to the customer's requirements, so that each unit can operate economically, efficiently and reliably to meet the customer's technological requirements. In combination with the recent cloud based integrated control APP system, the big data platform is used to realize such functions as journey viewing, monitoring, setting and real-time data recording. Main details:

① Single machine runner adopts double-layer plywood design, with good heat insulation and noise elimination and no leakage

② The combined type adopts patented anti cold bridge aluminum alloy frame and polyurethane foam board; No cold bridge, no leakage

③ Buckle design, no screwdriver maintenance, convenient for filter screen replacement; Better sealing

④ The regeneration area and the treatment area are set up separately in the upper and lower areas, which is convenient for maintenance and prevents cross ventilation

⑤ Special steel wire synchronous belt transmission, stable, noiseless and friction resistant; No mechanical noise to reduce energy consumption

⑥ It is convenient to fix both sides of the footing, and the unit can be set along the wall; Reduce the unit's point use of indoor effective area

⑦ A dehumidification condensation waste heat recovery system is added for regeneration to improve the dehumidification efficiency of the runner and reduce the regeneration heating temperature

All the box plates of the unit can be disassembled and assembled conveniently on site, and even if they are assembled for many times, the sealing and strength of the box will not be affected; The whole machine or parts can be transported according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire the details of dehumidification equipment in low humidity environment below 30% RH of the rotary dehumidifier

III. Model Selection Guide for Rotary Dehumidifier, The rotary dehumidifier can also be used to control the humidity separately

② When the temperature is between 20 and 30 ℃ and the humidity is required to be below 40% RH, or when dehumidification is required to be under low temperature (below 10 ℃), the rotary dehumidifier is selected. When the humidity is higher than 40% RH, the refrigeration dehumidifier can meet the requirements

③ The controllable humidity range of the rotary dehumidifier is 1% - 40% RH. The lower the humidity requirement, the higher the cost and energy consumption of the rotary dehumidifier

④ When using the combined rotary dehumidifier, in summer, we need to provide cold ice water for the rotary dehumidifier, and in winter, we use electric heating, hot water or steam to control the air supply temperature of the unit; It is also necessary to install primary and intermediate efficiency filters in the unit to meet the requirements of purification level; Humidifying device can also be installed in the unit to meet the requirements of constant humidity. Regenerative heating can use electric heating, steam heating or other waste heat

⑤ The control of the rotary dehumidifier now generally uses the PLC+touch screen, which can realize intelligent control and fault alarm functions

Core tip: Another key point that deserves special consideration is that when choosing a dehumidifier, in addition to price, dehumidification capacity, function and other considerations, don't forget to choose a dehumidifier model with high safety protection, which deserves special attention. A dehumidifier with poor safety protection measures is likely to cause doubts about property and life safety. All the above news reports about the rotary dehumidifier and dehumidifier in low humidity environment below 30% RH are provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only