June 22,2023

Full recovery EPC drying room dryer, full mold EPC drying equipment

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Fully recyclable EPC drying room dryer and full mold EPC drying equipment technology Dynamic EPC mold drying is an important link in EPC process. In the process of manufacturing EPC mold, the coating shall be painted three times. After each layer of coating is applied, it must be dried before the next round of painting or modeling can be carried out. If the coating is not completely dry, a large amount of gas will be generated when the molten steel meets water during pouring, causing back spraying

In case of any operation error in EPC, the phenomenon of back spraying often occurs. If the back spraying is serious, it may endanger the personal safety of the pouring worker, so attention must be paid to it; In addition, if the coating is not completely dry, the permeability of the coating will be poor, and the gas cannot be discharged in time, which will easily cause porosity and slag holes in the casting, resulting in waste products

Because the EPS model and coating both contain water, and EPS softens and deforms at about 80 ℃, the reasonable drying temperature should be between 45 and 50 ℃. In addition to temperature control during drying, attention should also be paid to humidity control. The humidity should not be high, otherwise the coating will not dry thoroughly, which will cause porosity defects. Generally, the air humidity should be controlled to ≤ 30% RH. A good drying room should have uniform and controllable temperature distribution, smooth air convection, good insulation effect and reasonable humidity control

The traditional EPC drying methods and equipment are generally simple and crude, with incomplete drying, low drying efficiency, and uncontrollable temperature and humidity, resulting in the unsatisfactory effect of EPC in the casting process and low yield of castings. Moreover, it is not environmentally friendly and energy consumption is high! At present, the EPC dryer is the only choice to change the EPC drying mode, improve the deep drying efficiency of EPC and effectively volatilize the residual foaming agent

Pay attention to the following points when drying the EPC mold coating:

(1) During the drying process, pay attention to the reasonable placement and support of the model to prevent deformation

(2) The model shall not be placed directly against the hot air inlet at a close distance to avoid cracking the coating

(3) At the end of drying, check whether it is completely dry (up, down, left, right, front, back, inside and outside)

(4) The dried model should be placed in a place with low humidity, and placed securely to prevent moisture and deformation

The PD-45G all-purpose recovery EPC drying room dryer and the PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine are used in the EPC white mold drying room, which have high-precision temperature and humidity control system. The fully automatic control does not require personnel to be on duty. It can control the humidity in the drying room at about 30% RH, and ensure that the temperature in the drying room reaches about 50 ℃. The interaction of the two increases the EPC drying rate by about 25%, The drying and single brushing time is only 8-12h, effectively preventing coating cracking

PD-45G all-around recovery lost foam drying room dryer and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated dryer adopt air distribution design, control the proportion of dehumidification air volume and circulating air volume, make dehumidification operation more reasonable and scientific, and the dehumidification amount can be increased by 20-30%, which not only shortens the drying time, but also greatly improves the drying uniformity and improves the drying quality

In addition, the product is embedded with drying process and memory module to achieve one touch operation. The whole drying process is intelligently controlled, without boiler room and boiler workers, which can completely save boiler workers' salaries and firewood burning costs. All the above contents about the all-purpose recovery EPC drying room dryer and full mold EPC drying equipment are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only