July 17,2023

What to do if the ground of the underground garage gets damp- Ground dryer for underground garage

Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series What should I do if the underground garage floor gets damp?

Technical Dynamics

During the rainy season,

The temperature gradually starts to rise,

The rainfall increases, and

The human body clearly feels stuffy and humid.

Many community owners park in underground garages, and when they see the ground getting wet, their first reaction is that the engineering quality is not good. However, most of the factors related to the humidity in underground parking lots are not related to the engineering quality

Causes of moisture in underground garages

1. The moisture in building materials such as concrete and coatings is not dry, and the water vapor evaporates into the air 2. Outdoor soil moisture seeps into the parking lot through the building structure 3. Temperature difference and humidity difference cause condensation and moisture

4. Heavy rainfall weather, such as rainstorm, causes surface water to flow backward

Water droplets adhere to facilities and vehicle surfaces such as the ground, walls, pipelines, construction equipment, etc.

This causes adverse consequences such as slippery ground, rust on facilities and vehicles, and moldy car decorations, greatly affecting vehicle and pedestrian safety.

How can damp phenomena be resolved

Soil moisture infiltration, temperature difference and humidity difference cause condensation, rainstorm surface water backflow, etc.,

The factors that cause underground garage humidity are always inevitable, so how to keep the underground environment dry Configuring dehumidification equipment in underground parking lots and conducting regular or long-term dehumidification work can completely solve the problem of humidity

The PD series underground garage floor dryer is specifically designed for dehumidification and moisture prevention in large spaces such as underground parking lots, factory production workshops, and logistics warehouses

We specialize in high-power and powerful dehumidification, using high-strength cold-rolled sheet material and large areas of air inlet and outlet.

We can also accurately set humidity to quickly improve the humidity phenomenon in large areas.

_ D underground garage uses a floor dryer with a daily dehumidification capacity of 480L.

Applicable area: 1000-1500 square meters, suitable for dehumidification in various large space spaces

The underground garage can be equipped with several devices based on the space area, which can provide strong dehumidification and fast drying