Electroplating Sludge Dryer Sludge Slimming Secrets

Electroplating sludge refers to the large amount of sludge and sewage produced during the surface treatment and refinement of various refined parts in the electroplating industry through

Electroplating sludge refers to the large amount of sludge and sewage produced during the surface treatment and refinement of various refined parts in the electroplating industry through electroplating. The danger of electroplating sludge comes from heavy metals and their leachate, mainly copper, nickel, chromium, cyanide, zinc and so on. Electroplating sludge should be recycled by qualified enterprises in a unified manner, and the large volume and capacity will cost the enterprises a lot of money. If the sludge is dried and reduced before recycling, it can save a lot of sludge transportation and treatment costs.

Mastered the use of electroplating sludge dryer, also mastered the sludge drying " slimming secrets", the huge volume and can help me? But after all, for friends who do not use the equipment, there will still be many questions.

Electroplating Sludge Dryer Sludge Slimming Secrets

First, what kind of mud with what kind of sludge dryer? How much mud is suitable for a large number of specifications of the sludge drying equipment?

First of all, we speak in the use of electroplating sludge dryer before the wet mud, are referred to by the filter press or stacked screw machine out of the moisture content of 80% of the wet mud. Such as wet sludge 3-50 tons / day of processing capacity, processing capacity, preferred automatic sludge low-temperature drying machine, as the name suggests, automatic that is, from the feed to the drying of the material are automated, the whole process of 1.5 hours to get it right. The equipment requires a certain amount of capital investment.

Such as wet mud 1-3 tons / day capacity, mud is lumpy, can choose the box-type sludge dryer, up and down with a forklift more convenient. Equipment capital investment is moderate.

Such as 1-3 tons of wet mud, choose the drying room type sludge dryer, by manual loading of sludge into the material truck into the drying room drying, equipment capital investment is minimal.

The above according to different wet sludge state and daily handling capacity, there are different drying equipment optimization program, capital investment are recovered within one year.

Second, is there any pollution in electroplating sludge drying process? What is the effect of sludge drying?

Take a low-temperature drying project of electroplating sludge in Shanghai as an example, dewatering form: plate and frame filter press, wet sludge volume: 2.4 tons/day, wet material moisture content: 80%, using specifications: JAY1200WN model, dry material moisture content: 20%. The sludge low-temperature drying equipment used by the enterprise is the use of dehumidification heat pump sludge using hot air circulation condensation dehumidification drying process; is the use of dehumidification heat pump system, so that the hot and humid air cooling and dehumidification, and at the same time, through the heat pump principle of recovery of air moisture condensation latent heat to heat up the air a device.

Drying steps: first of all, the wet mud through the screw elevator conveyor to the feed port mud bin, through the mud bin below the molding machine for cutting strips, and then fall into the mesh belt conveyor. High temperature dry air from the bottom of the assembly line through a layer of mesh belt from bottom to top of the sludge for drying, and take away the moisture to become medium temperature and high humidity waste heat air, and then medium temperature and high humidity waste heat re-conveyed back to the host computer for condensation dehumidification and drainage. Sludge in the bottom layer of the mesh belt drying after falling into the screw conveyor conveyor out of the assembly line into the scraper elevator, and then through the scraper elevator elevation after falling into the tonnage bag, the process does not have any residual heat emissions, there is no exhaust emissions, do not need to exhaust deodorization and dust treatment devices, the system is simple and optimized. The sludge is directly dried from 83% moisture content to 10%, the whole process is fully automated, and the final sludge pellets obtained after drying can be used as fertilizer, fuel, incineration, building materials, biofuel, landfill mulch, land use and other treatments. This kind of drying method is suitable for medium-sized or large enterprises.

Third, the box sludge dryer and drying room sludge dryer and how to make the sludge big thin?

1, box sludge dryer: the user is very simple to use, you can use a forklift feed, just pour the sludge into the sludge dryer supporting the box-type hopper to go, boot start the equipment, the equipment can be automatic hopper sludge automatic drying, no manual intervention, the labor intensity of workers reduced to the extreme. The watery sludge is dried from 80% initial moisture content to about 20%. The sludge box dryer adopts clean energy electricity, no pollution to the environment when drying, truly zero emission, no need for annual inspection. Aiming at the characteristics of sludge, its fittings are made with corresponding anti-corrosion treatment. It adopts hydrophilic aluminum foil fins, touch screen controller, thickened copper tubes, thickened sprayed sheet metal and anti-corrosion stainless steel. The dried sludge dries evenly, 360 degrees without dead angle drying. Its drying and anti-corrosion performance is quite good in terms of the current application in the chemical industry. Very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2, drying room type electroplating sludge drying: with manual or machine partition form of sludge loaded on the material tray, loaded 8-10 layers, the pile thickness of the material should not be too thick, so as not to affect the permeability, resulting in the middle of the dry. Parameter setting: the parameter is set to 50-60 degrees Celsius, according to the humidity mode to discharge moisture. Can also be in accordance with the time mode to discharge moisture. Moisture removal fan on one minute, off one minute. Drying room form of electroplating sludge dryer, each batch of drying time is about 10-15 hours, so that the sludge from more than 85% moisture content down to less than 15-30%. The material does not move, but the hot air is rotated 360 degrees. So that the heat flows evenly in the drying room, and at the same time take away the moisture, which is condensed into water and discharged without any pollutant emission. Hazardous waste sludge dryer in the form of drying room can be used in small and medium-sized enterprises with daily mud production of 1-3 tons, with cost advantages.