March 14,2023

Cold storage humidifier spray humidification system for large cold storage

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Cold storage humidifier spray humidification system technology for large cold storage? As an important part of cold chain logistics, cold storage is indispensable and important; It is the necessary equipment for the storage, transportation and freshness preservation of many foods, fruits and vegetables, and the industrial humidifier is also an indispensable humidification equipment for refrigerators. The key to the long-distance transportation of agricultural products, meat products, seafood and other products throughout the country lies in the construction of a sound cold chain logistics system

Among them, ZS-120Z large-scale cold storage humidifier and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier are mostly used. Through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization technology, 5 billion droplets can be generated per second, and the diameter of droplets is less than 10 microns, which will not wet the cold storage. In addition, only 6W is consumed for 1 liter of water atomization, which saves electricity. The key is that the water used is sealed and non recyclable, which will not lead to the propagation of bacteria. It can also remove odor, increase negative ions in the air, and play an important role in the preservation and freshness of fruits and vegetables

In the traditional concept, the cold storage only needs to control the temperature to achieve food storage and transportation and prevent corruption. However, with the improvement of the quality of life, the general public has put forward higher requirements for the storage of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc., not only to ensure that the food is not bad, but also to ensure the freshness

Normally, fruits and vegetables inevitably need water evaporation. On the one hand, they emit some water due to respiration; On the other hand, if the air humidity in the storage environment is too low, the relatively dry air will absorb water from the stored fruits and vegetables, causing them to lose water, become dry and wither. Therefore, to ensure freshness, the key indicator is to use industrial humidifier to control the humidity of the cold storage. The normal humidity should be controlled between 85% and 95% RH, which should be equal to the equilibrium relative humidity of agricultural products

At present, a number of domestic cold storages have begun to pay attention to the control of humidity in the cold storages. Industrial humidifiers, especially ZS-120Z large-scale cold storages humidifiers and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifiers are used to effectively control the humidity in the cold storages, so that the humidity in the cold storages can be supplemented within the appropriate storage range, and the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables can be extended. In addition, many chain supermarkets have begun to use industrial humidifiers for cold chain distribution and improve the humidification system, which will be an important link to ensure that product quality remains unchanged in the entire supply chain

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