May 14,2023

Dehumidifier for PCB processing, dehumidification scheme for darkroom development and exposure of PCB circuit boards

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series

dehumidifier for PCB processing, PCB development exposure darkroom dehumidification solution technology dynamic. In PCB processing, some PCB circuit board components are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. In order to ensure the quality of PCB circuit board processing products, it is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity in the workshop. So now let me introduce the temperature and relative humidity requirements for PCB production workshops: temperature: 24 ± 2 ℃, humidity: 60 ± 10%

In PCB factories, most circuit board products or components are extremely sensitive to humidity; In the humid and hot summer, the air humidity often reaches over 90% RH; For PCB circuit board factories, such humid weather is bound to cause excessive humidity in the workshop, which not only affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency of the workshop

It can also cause oxidation corrosion, short circuit and leakage of circuit board products or components, and the factory quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.

. Therefore, it is very necessary for PCB circuit board factories to maintain strict humidity in a timely manner during humid rainy days! Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to control the humidity in environments such as PCB factory workshops or warehouses between 50% and 60% RH

On a humid and rainy rainy rainy day, a development and exposure darkroom workshop (with an area of about 500m2 and a height of 3m) in a PCB factory in Suzhou experienced severe humidity exceeding standards, reaching a maximum of around 85% RH, causing frequent equipment failures in the workshop during operation. Many of the products produced did not meet the standards, and the qualification rate of the products decreased again and again

Therefore, the PCB circuit board factory has decided to purchase industrial dehumidifiers to effectively control the humidity in the workshop. Personnel from the procurement department have searched online to understand" industrial dehumidifier" After contacting the sales and technical personnel of our company's electrical appliances by phone, we have developed a reasonable dehumidifier selection plan based on the actual situation provided by the company. The production workshop needs to purchase 2 units_ Only by using a dehumidifier for circuit board processing can the environmental humidity always be controlled within the most suitable range of 45-55% RH

Core Reminder: The PCB factory has installed and used 2 units in the workshop since then_ After the dehumidifier in the circuit board development and exposure workshop, the relative humidity of the environment is always controlled between 50% and 60% RH. In humid and rainy rainy rainy days, there will no longer be excessive humidity, which can provide a relatively stable humidity environment for the production of PCB circuit board products Therefore_ The dehumidifiers used for PCB processing and the PD series intelligent industrial dehumidifiers have become the preferred humidity control equipment for PCB factory workshops due to their strong dehumidification ability, precise humidity control, stable performance, and reliable reputation

At the same time, many PCB circuit board factories also have corresponding configurations in their warehouses for processing raw materials, semi-finished products, or finished products.

_ The dehumidifiers used for PCB processing and the PD series intelligent industrial dehumidifiers enable every step of production and storage to be carried out in the most suitable humidity environment of 50-60% RH, effectively ensuring the quality of PCB circuit board products, greatly increasing storage life, and promoting production efficiency and economic benefits for enterprises