May 14,2023

How to prevent moisture in electrical equipment during the rainy season- Power equipment moisture-proof dehumidifier

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How to prevent moisture in electrical equipment during the rainy season? It is understood that the technology of moisture-proof and dehumidifying machines for power equipment has caused multiple major fire accidents due to short circuits on wet days during the rainy season, posing a great threat to everyone's personal safety and property; When the environmental humidity in the distribution room is too high, moisture can invade the control equipment, causing internal circuit abnormalities, generating excessive current, causing frequent trips, and affecting normal production

It is understood that there are many large supermarkets, department stores, retail stores, cinemas, food squares, and other large leisure and entertainment venues across the country. They have also experienced power system paralysis due to short circuits caused by damp distribution rooms, causing huge losses to businesses. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, their development company purchased corresponding_ Electric power equipment moisture-proof dehumidifiers and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers have not experienced similar incidents since then, exempting their companies and consumers from potential hazards

For the environmental management of power plants (such as hydropower stations, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, etc.), substations (step-up substations, load center substations, etc.), distribution rooms, transmission lines, distribution lines, and power load centers, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and humidity changes in the environment

Special attention should be paid to taking safety measures such as moisture-proof and dehumidification to ensure that the working environment of power system equipment reaches the optimal range of air relative humidity between 40% and 60% RH; And dehumidifiers are currently the most effective equipment in China for moisture-proof and dehumidification of power environments and improving environmental quality. They are widely used in places with high air humidity requirements in various environments of the power system

For example, the power distribution room is a very important link in the power supply system, and people's normal electricity consumption and production rely on the distribution room to ensure its safety. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the moisture-proof and dehumidification work of the distribution room in daily management work; However, according to the reporter, the most troublesome problem currently encountered in the distribution room is the humid air. With the increase of rainfall, if there is no effective dehumidification equipment in the distribution room, the air inside the distribution room will be very humid, and the equipment may trip due to moisture, leading to power interruption

For example, there are also a large number of power equipment and electronic instruments in the high-voltage room of a substation. If the relative humidity is higher, the more moisture in the air, and a large amount of moisture seeps into the internal electronic components, it is easy to cause conductive short circuits or trips, affecting the normal operation and safety of power equipment; In order to ensure the normal operation and safety of power equipment in substations, the key to fully utilizing instrument performance and extending service life is to strictly control the air humidity in the environment Moreover, there are already many power companies, power supply bureaus, and other substations and distribution rooms that use it_ Power equipment moisture-proof dehumidifiers and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers and other humidity control equipment perform moisture-proof and dehumidification work, ensuring that the air humidity in the substation is always controlled within the optimal standard requirements for power equipment operation, thereby ensuring the good operation of power equipment. The majority of users have also given consistent praise