August 29,2023

PARKOO dehumidification is more precise, making your life more comfortable

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series

In spring, there will be a return to the southern sky and a return to the southern sky. The weather not only makes the home environment damp, but also endangers the health of family members, Especially for the elderly and children, long-term humid environment is easy to occur or induce rheumatism and bronchitis. So dehumidification becomes particularly important. Now the editor will introduce PARKOO dehumidification to you, which is more precise and makes your life more comfortable

A damp home environment not only affects the aesthetics of a home, but also Harming the physical health of family members, especially the elderly and children. The long-term and continuous humid environment is prone to mold and other harmful substances, which are easy to occur or induce rheumatism and bronchitis. In addition, humid environment has adverse effects on patients with tuberculosis, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic low back and leg pain and other diseases. Wet floors and other materials are more likely to cause falls for the elderly and children. In addition to high medical costs, illness also affects the family atmosphere and convenience of life

Bai Ao dehumidification is more accurate. Your life is more comfortable

In winter, most cities in the south are in a rainy climate Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Mount Huangshan Other southern cities, such as Hainan Province, Guangdong Province, and Guangxi Province, which are often damp all year round, are actually prone to mold growth. What's more, in this humid climate, opening windows and ventilation cannot alleviate it, and the smell of mold is everywhere in the rooms. So what can we do to stay dry when rainy and humid weather arrives I believe many people will choose air conditioning dehumidification and air conditioning dehumidification. Wet is a solution, but not a good one. Firstly, Air conditioning dehumidification consumes a lot of energy, which is time, electricity, and money consuming. In many cases, air conditioning dehumidification removes a portion of water from the indoor air, at most reducing the humidity of the room. However, there is not much change in the body's tactile sensation. So, although air conditioning dehumidification is difficult to achieve the best physical effect

So, is there any better way besides air conditioning dehumidification? What about the dehumidification plan

Yes, we can also choose dehumidifier. As a PARKOO brand that has been focusing on dehumidification for 13 years, it is a veteran of the dehumidification industry. BAO classic household silent 20B dehumidifier, as a special household appliance to alleviate the humid home environment, can quickly and effectively control the indoor humidity when the dehumidifier works. Keep clothes dry and the floor free of water stains, and free from mold and odor

Bai'ao classic 20B home mute Dehumidifier is equipped with Panasonic compressor and PET high-density filter screen, Capable of covering 120m2 of home space and maintaining efficient and silent dehumidification for dry clothes

120m2 unit type home preference

excellent Panasonic compressor, together with efficient direct discharge evaporator condenser, Aerodynamic optimized air duct, 20 liters of dehumidification per day, More efficient and perfect for a 120 square meter apartment. The thoughtful and silent design of the water collection makes it ultra quiet and more suitable for home use

More precise dehumidification in the living room

Equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity dual detectors, 0-90 ° wide range Corner air supply, designed with adjustable 2-speed wind speed. The sofa is soft, the floor is dry, and the wallpaper is flat, making the living room naturally more comfortable

The Gospel of Quick Drying on Cloudy and Rainy Days

Whether it's a southbound day, rainy season, or continuous rainfall in autumn and winter Increase the design of the air inlet and wide angle air outlet effect, Concentrate air supply and accelerate drying. 2KG clothing, dry for about 86 minutes in the rainy season and 120 minutes in winter. Air dry on the same day, effectively solving the odor problem of damp clothes

Protect home electronic devices