May 21,2023

Public transport spray disinfection machine, traffic hub environment disinfection and sterilization scheme

Public transport spray sterilizer, traffic hub environment disinfection and sterilization scheme technology dynamics are well known. Airport, railway station, subway and other transport hubs, with concentrated population flow and complex situation, have more severe epidemic prevention and control situation. Once an epidemic event occurs, it will cause great losses to transportation and socio-economic development. How to effectively prevent and control the flow of people, logistics, and environment is a problem that relevant units and competent departments cannot ignore

Electrical appliances provide different types of disinfection and sterilization products and solutions according to the environmental characteristics of frequent people and logistics in and out of transportation hubs and vast space. As a key node of frequent flow of people and logistics, the entrances and exits of various transportation places are often the forefront of epidemic prevention and control. Preliminary disinfection of personnel and luggage entering and leaving is the first and crucial step in epidemic prevention

In various transportation places, wearing masks and measuring body temperature are often used as epidemic screening and prevention measures. But there is a lack of strong action in clearing the virus. The luggage and cargo of passengers and pedestrians are also the focus of epidemic prevention in transportation places_ The aerosol air disinfection machine and XD series fully automatic atomization air disinfection machine atomization sterilization device are technology products specifically designed for comprehensive disinfection of overall space, air, items, vehicles, etc

  _ The aerosol air disinfection machine and XD series fully automatic atomization air disinfection machine use cold evaporation and ultrasonic technology for the atomization and sterilization device, which saves energy and reduces noise; Equipped with a super large capacity solution tank to avoid frequent liquid addition; Can be equipped with pipelines and freely adjust the direction; Tailored epidemic prevention atomization channels achieve comprehensive disinfection effects

Public places such as ticket office, waiting room, rest area, check-in area, etc., with dense population and complex environment, are key epidemic prevention and control places in transportation places. As a disinfection and sterilization weapon with coexistence of human and machine, intelligent atomizing robots, active fog particle air disinfectors and other products are widely used in disinfection and sterilization in airports, stations and other large spaces, and have achieved outstanding results in Beijing Winter Olympics venues, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport and other places

Transportation facilities generate a large amount of waste and household waste every day. Timely disinfection of the environment and shipping vehicles is an effective means of cutting off the source of transmission of bacteria and viruses_ The application scenario of the ultra-low capacity disinfection spray is flexible, which can effectively deal with the disinfection of the environment and waste

The transportation facilities and environment are complex, and epidemic prevention and control are facing severe postgraduate entrance exams. The environmental risk intelligent sensing system can help managers intelligently manage the hospital environment, accurately determine the risk of environmental infection, and timely and effective management and intervention of disinfection equipment and personnel.

The health and safety in the transportation field is related to the stable development of the national society and the happiness of tens of thousands of families. In view of the disinfection and sterilization and sterilization needs of this special place, through the research, development and application of cutting-edge technology and intelligent environmental protection products, electrical appliances actively respond to the disinfection and sterilization needs of users in many aspects, such as air watches, and build a scientific barrier for preventive disinfection and sterilization and epidemic prevention

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