March 11,2023

Constant humidity machine for computer room, and constant humidity optimization method for telecom computer room

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Humidity is a special humidistat machine for computer rooms. The preferred humidistat method for telecommunications computer rooms is

humidity, which, as its name implies, refers to the degree of dryness and wetness of the air

At a certain temperature, the less water vapor is contained in a certain volume of air, the drier the air is; The more water vapor, the wetter the air

Among the air humidity representations, absolute humidity and relative humidity are commonly used

Absolute humidity refers to the weight of water contained in wet air per cubic meter of air, generally in g/m ³ To represent

Relative humidity refers to the relative value of water content in the air, usually expressed as% RH

On different occasions, people will choose different humidity representation methods to represent the air humidity. The relative humidity is generally used to represent the air humidity in telecommunications rooms

The humidity control of the telecommunications machine room has a great impact on the operation of the equipment in the machine room. The humidity control requirements should be strictly implemented and relevant work should be done well

[dehumidification of the telecommunications room]

When the relative humidity of the telecommunications room is greater than 55%, the air in the data center needs to be dehumidified

The machine room is damp, which is very easy to cause the metal parts and plug-in parts of the machine room equipment to rust, and cause the insulation of the circuit board, plug-in parts and wiring to decrease. In serious cases, it can also cause short circuit, and in more serious cases, it can cause fire due to short circuit

The dehumidification of the communication machine room will generally use a professional dehumidifier equipment - dedicated dehumidifier for the machine room to quickly reduce the indoor ambient air humidity in the machine room, and maintain the humidity at 55% RH or below for a long time

[Humidification of telecommunications room]

However, in a telecommunications room environment with a relative humidity of more than 40%, the risk of static electricity affecting equipment is very small

Wet film humidification is an isoenthalpy humidification process, which will reduce the air temperature, not increase the heat load of the machine room, but reduce the sensible heat load of the machine room

From the perspective of humidification and energy conservation, the operation cost of wet film humidification is the lowest; Therefore, the machine room humidification will generally select the machine room wet film humidifier

[dehumidification and humidification - constant humidity]

, Also called dehumidifier and humidifier, the equipment combines the functions of "dehumidifier and humidifier" mentioned above to achieve constant humidity control

It is especially suitable for use in machine rooms, archives, drug stores, museums and other places where humidity is required to be constant

[Telecommunications Machine Room Humidity Solution]

Project site: an IDC machine room of China Telecom

1. Space size: about 300 m2 in area and 5 m in floor height

2. Humidity control requirements: constant range 40%~55% RH

3. Installation requirements: reserve the machine embedded installation location

4. Matching scheme: it is recommended to use three HS-10D constant humidity machines (dehumidification capacity 7kg/h, humidification capacity 10kg/h)

Note: the machine appearance color, overall dimensions, air inlet and outlet positions, etc. can be customized according to the project requirements

Conclusion: All the above contents about the humidity control machine dedicated to the computer room and the humidity control optimization method for the telecommunications room are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only