August 16,2023

Subway disinfection - PARKOO teaches you how to efficiently and thoroughly disinfect

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With the comprehensive resumption of work in Guangzhou, the entire city is gradually awakening and slowly returning to its former bustling atmosphere. With the arrival of the peak of comprehensive resumption of work, the pressure on prevention and control of public transportation such as subways has also come

The turning point of the epidemic has not yet arrived, and the epidemic prevention situation cannot be relaxed. Is it safe to take the subway

As the night deepened and the entire city fell silent, the subway station was tense as the work of the station disinfection personnel entered the core and required comprehensive disinfection of the entire subway station The entire subway station How do subway stations disinfect the entire station

That will definitely require a lot of manpower and time General wiping is not sufficient to disinfect multiple corners or air in subway stations; However, spray disinfection involves particles that are too large and uneven, resulting in incomplete disinfection. The residual disinfectant in the air has an impact on human health and also damages various equipment in subway stations

If you have a special spray for PARKOO disinfection, what is the experience of subway station disinfection

Convenient and efficient, comprehensive and thorough

According to actual requirements, easily install disinfection pipelines

Connect the water tank and the machine

Add disinfectant to the water tank

Once everything is ready,

The entire subway station is like a fairyland, shrouded in a dense atmosphere...

Micron sized atomized particles can effectively eliminate bacteria in the air, with low energy consumption and efficient and fast disinfection.

Let's experience the fairyland scene