May 25,2023

Special heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine for tea withering chamber and withering trough

Tea withering chamber withering trough dedicated heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine

Technical updates

Good tea is a piece of art., Good craftsmanship is needed to achieve success

But a good process is a system engineering, a precision instrument, and

is a good result produced by the joint action of various parts.

It is not just the light and heat of a screw that can make a good process

Therefore, the length of withering time is not a prerequisite for determining whether a tea is superior to other teas, and

is not a sufficient and necessary condition for judging whether a tea is of excellent quality.

Withering refers to the process of evenly spreading the picked fresh leaves according to a certain thickness.

Through air drying, the fresh leaves show a wilting state, which is called withering

The first process in the production of white tea, black tea, green tea, and other tea products is withering, but the degree varies

White tea has the heaviest degree of withering, and the moisture content of fresh leaves is required to be reduced to below 40%.

Black tea has the heaviest degree of withering, and the moisture content of fresh leaves can be reduced to around 60%.

Green tea has the lightest degree of withering, and the moisture content of fresh leaves is required to be between 68 and 70%.

If fresh leaves are harvested and encounter continuous rain, low temperature, high humidity weather, and conditions that are not suitable for natural withering, etc

It is not possible to use indoor natural withering. In this case, heating withering can be used for withering

There are many methods currently used for indoor heating withering, mainly defined by the method of providing heat source.

For example, adding hot air ducts for heating withering, withering slots for heating withering, and adding dehumidifiers for withering in air conditioning rooms

Several different heating methods can have different effects on the quality of white tea by heating and wilting

However, if withered in this way, a large amount of water vapor will appear inside the withered room, causing humidity to rise and affecting the normal withering process

Therefore, it is necessary to use a dehumidifier to dehumidify and control indoor humidity within the withering technical indicators, ensuring the quality of tea

The specific operational technical requirements are similar to indoor heating and withering. The advantage is that it can maintain a relatively uniform indoor temperature and humidity.

It can be controlled by an air conditioner and dehumidifier, which is easy to operate and can produce high-quality white tea products

The new type of withering trough equipment consists of withering trough, dehumidifier, heating device, intake device, exhaust device, and computer control system.

The withering degree and withering time can be adjusted by setting different temperatures through the computer control system.

The withering temperature should be controlled at 26-28 ℃, with a maximum of 32 ℃ and a relative humidity of 90-95% RH.

Open the cold air port to blow cold air for 20 minutes to reduce leaf temperature, and wither for 4-6 hours

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