August 02,2023

Four reasons for changing household air filters

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If your communication system is working properly, it can help you maintain good and cool conditions over the past few months - an undeniable challenge in southeastern Texas. Although there are still a few months of additional hot and humid weather, so far, there is a way to reward your cooling system (and yourself) for doing such a good job by checking the AC filter and replacing it if necessary

Especially if you haven't changed the filter in the past few months, the simple and inexpensive task should be at the top of your to-do list. The reasons are as follows:

# 1: Air quality

The air we often inhale is filled with small particles, such as dust, pollen, skin cells, mold, bacteria, etc. Family activities, such as dust removal, cleaning, vacuum cleaning, cooking, and other miscellaneous tasks, all increase the amount of particles in the air, Some people may cause Respiratory disease or asthma symptoms In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air pollutants as one of the five major environmental health risks. Fortunately, there is an efficient AC filter that can capture all these particles before entering your home. However, even with the best AC filters, the accumulation of dust and particles will eventually become clogged, and it will no longer be able to perform. By regularly replacing filters, you can ensure that the air quality in your home is kept clean

# 2: Energy efficiency

In addition to allowing pollutants to enter, clogged air filters are also bad news for your energy costs. Your communication or heating system must work harder to pump air through clogged filters to provide the cold or warm air you want. This means that the system requires more energy to complete its work, resulting in higher energy costs for you

# 3: System malfunction

In addition to poor energy consumption and air quality, another drawback of air filter blockage is that it increases system pressure.

. Although you may not immediately notice the changes, in the long run, clogged filters will shorten the lifespan of the components and components that make up the components. If a critical component fails, you may eventually have to purchase a brand new system

# 4: Because it's cheap and simple Unlike most AC maintenance and repairs (which typically require support arms and legs), replacing air filters may be one of the simplest and cheapest home maintenance tasks. You do not need to purchase any special tools or make an appointment with local AC maintenance personnel. Just check the system manual, check the recommended filter, go to the local Hardware store or supermarket to select a filter, and then replace the old filter with a new one. Everything here belongs to it How often should I change my air filter Although the exact lifespan of air filters can vary depending on many different factors - frequency/duration of use, filter type, duration of the year (spring pollen shortens filter lifespan), and the air quality needs of people living in your air. Home-HVAC experts recommend checking filters monthly and replacing them at least every three months

Don't wait for things that are cheap and easy to repair, such as replacing air filters that require a lot of time. Our philosophy: Take immediate action and save later