July 03,2023

Hospital dehumidifier, hospital environmental humidity control scheme

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It is well known that dehumidifiers are used in hospitals and the hospital environment humidity control scheme. There are many precision medical devices and equipment in major hospitals, and their safety, effectiveness and accuracy are particularly important. These devices have extremely strict requirements on humidity, especially for some large-scale medical devices that detect human diseases, such as CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, DR, CR, power frequency X-ray machine, wheeled B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, linear accelerator, etc. Generally speaking, the working environment temperature of these equipment is 20-22 ℃, and the humidity is 40-70% RH

If the environment is not suitable, these "delicate" precision instruments and equipment will strike for you every minute. Excessive humidity is very easy to cause the medical devices to be affected with moisture and cause short circuit, which greatly affects the detection of hospital patients' diseases, and also affects the service life of hospital precision instruments and equipment. dehumidifier is a kind of equipment specialized in solving humidity problems. As long as a dehumidifier is installed in a place with large equipment, it can easily and effectively reduce the humidity to ensure that the equipment is not interfered by moisture

dehumidification and humidity control in various departments of the hospital

(ZEDO) Hospital dehumidifiers can be of conventional type, hand push type, lifting type, pipe type, wall mounted type, etc., which can be selected according to different fields. It can effectively strengthen the control of temperature and humidity in each department of the hospital, which is conducive to the normal use of various medical devices, reduces the hospital infection rate, ensures the efficacy of drugs, and greatly improves the medical quality

In addition, for precision experimental instruments and equipment used for medical research, a sterile, dust-free, dry air space is required, because humidity will affect the accuracy of experimental data, and humidity will affect the life of precision instruments. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the room for precision instrument room dry

dehumidifier in the laboratory instrument room. As long as the air humidity is too high, use a dehumidifier to remove it

Precision instruments are placed in the medical laboratory. These precision instruments will be damaged if they are affected with moisture. For example, the infrared spectrometer, because its internal optical lens is made of potassium bromide, is very vulnerable to moisture. Too high temperature or humidity will cause damage to the optical lens. Therefore, the laboratory should also do a good job of moisture-proof and dehumidification. The use of (ZEDO) hospital dehumidifier can control the indoor humidity below 55% RH, which can maintain the precision of the instrument and slow down the aging of the instrument