August 01,2023

Does the running Dehumidifier produce noise-


Of course, noise is a factor to be considered for dehumidifier. The dehumidifier, even when running, will not be more noisy than the air conditioner. If maintained at a level of 40 to 55dB, you will not have any noise issues

The scope of the dehumidifier is in square meters, indicating the area of the house or room covered by your Dehumidifier. This standard is also crucial: the larger the surface you want to dehumidify, the higher the power you should choose

The Dehumidifier basically operates like a refrigerator and has the same components When it is running, you will hear compressor noise, condenser fan noise, water dripping into the water storage bucket, and the sound of normal circulation switch sounds very similar to the refrigerator you hear

See also that the noise or vibration of the Dehumidifier is large after startup

In slightly more professional terms, manufacturers have been using daily dehumidification liters to replace the power of Dehumidifier for many years. This means that the larger the amount of water discharged from the atmosphere within a specified period of time, the larger the area that the Dehumidifier can cover. The higher the power, the greater the noise.

For example, when an air conditioner cools a small room, the room must be sealed because it will leak air out.

. The same goes for humidity: the space is better sealed, and if it is an open space, moisture from the outside will run in

If the Dehumidifier you purchase has a small dehumidification capacity, the volume of the room or space that needs dehumidification should be relatively small, and you need to spend more time adjusting the humidity of the ambient air Just like all the appliances that make our lives more convenient, we don't want to be affected by them. Therefore, the noise of a good Dehumidifier must not be too high

It is obvious that the Dehumidifier has a smaller power, or is more compact, or is set at a lower starting time. It usually makes less noise than a powerful Dehumidifier

The sound also varies according to technology: compared with a compressor Dehumidifier, a silica gel Dehumidifier makes less noise (softer sound!)