March 16,2023

Dehumidifier for auto parts warehouse and dehumidifier for engine warehouse of auto parts factory

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Every summer and autumn, enterprises from Jiangsu and Zhejiang to southeast coastal areas are bothered by moistureproof and dehumidification measures, from ventilation to the use of dehumidifiers and other equipment. Some cold objects are easy to produce water droplets when they encounter warm and humid air currents. For example, the walls and floors of industrial warehouses will come out of the water, which is called weather moisture return

No matter what kind of engine, humidity is their enemy. Materials such as steel and magnesium are susceptible to water attack. If the whole engine drained of fuel and lubricating oil is protected, it can ensure that the engine is available when it is restarted

If the automobile engine needs to be stored in the warehouse for a period of time and will not be used again, the condensation that will lead to corrosion should be avoided. It should be stored in a dry environment where the temperature will not fluctuate significantly. It is not enough to store the engine in the hangar, because the temperature and humidity will fluctuate when the gate is opened or closed or in cold weather

In order to better protect the engine from humid air, humidity changes and other factors, the humidity of the warehouse environment where it is stored should be well controlled. In both cases, you can use the_ The engine warehouse dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier of the auto parts factory control the humidity level inside the engine warehouse to avoid

Sometimes, lubricating oil and water can also blend. The lubricating oil used in the automobile engine lubricating system has a slight hydrophilicity, which means that the lubricating oil has the ability to absorb water. Since the lubrication system is not completely closed, the air and lubricating oil will react. If the air is wet, the lubricating oil will absorb the water in it to form weak acid, which will gradually corrode various components and casings. To prevent this, simply drain all oil before storing the engine

The warehouse area of general factories is relatively large. If the humidity needs to be reduced, professional industrial dehumidifiers need to be selected. When selecting, consult professional technicians according to the use area and dehumidification demand to provide a more suitable dehumidification scheme for the company's warehouse. Due to the large volume and heavy weight of the industrial dehumidifier, it is necessary to reserve enough and appropriate space in the warehouse so that the dehumidifier can play a greater role

  _ The engine warehouse dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier in the auto parts factory have the characteristics of safe and stable operation for 365 days, ensuring the need for year-round warehouse operation. The accurate humidity control is widely praised in some industries with high humidity requirements. Low temperature defrosting and other functions ensure that the dehumidifier can also be used in low-end environments