June 29,2023

Fast paper tube drying method, full-automatic paper tube dryer

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Fast paper tube drying method and technical trend of automatic paper tube dryer are generally used. Paper tubes, paper drums and paper shafts need to be dried after gluing. Since the moisture content of glue is very high, the requirements for dehumidification amount, temperature and air volume are relatively high. The whole dehumidification and dehumidification process must be fast, and the temperature cannot be too high in the later period, otherwise the paper tube, paper tube and paper shaft will become bent. If the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, the product will be deformed and delaminated

I. Current situation of paper tube, paper cylinder and paper shaft drying. Most of the traditional paper tube, paper cylinder and paper shaft drying rooms are coal-fired drying rooms with high temperature, and they are highly dependent on the drying room operators

1. Large scale factories often use electric heating barns, which consumes a lot of electricity and costs a lot

2. The high temperature of electric heating drying method is easy to cause uneven heating of the paper cylinder/paper shaft, resulting in deformation and delamination degumming. The excessive temperature of electric heating may even cause baking or fire in serious cases

3. Common heating tubes have a service life of 3-5 months and are frequently repaired and replaced

4. Some factories use steam for drying. Due to improper control of steam temperature, it is easy to lead to high temperature and cause drying quality problems

5. Small scale factories use natural or air drying methods. Long production cycle and low efficiency. It is greatly affected by the weather and cannot be produced continuously. The labor intensity is high, and the drying quality is difficult to effectively control

For this reason, many paper tubes, paper cylinders and paper shafts of paper product processing plants or enterprises have adopted PD-45GS full-automatic paper tube dryer and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine to dry them in the drying room. The drying process has low energy consumption, effectively reduces operating costs, and is safe and reliable. There is no danger of overheating or burning in the drying process

The moisture content of the paper tube after drying is controlled at about 8%, which meets the drying requirements, and the paper tube has good quality, no discoloration, no stratification and no deformation, and the drying effect is very good; This drying method has been adopted by more and more printing plants, paper mills and paper tube mills

II. Drying process of paper tube, paper cylinder and paper shaft

1. Different dehumidification processes are developed according to different types of paper tubes to meet the drying requirements of paper tubes

2. For the dehumidification temperature and dehumidification speed of paper tubes, the corresponding parameters should be set according to the thickness and quantity of paper tubes

3. According to different moisture requirements of customers, set the corresponding drying time, fan speed and moisture discharge to prevent the formation of dehumidification defects

4. Generally, the paper tube dehumidification time is 8-12 hours, and the temperature is controlled at 35-40 ℃; The relative humidity is about 25-30% RH, and the time and temperature are adjusted according to the thickness of the paper tube. After the thickness of the paper tube, the relative temperature should be increased, and the drying time should be extended

PD-45GS full-automatic paper tube dryer and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying all-in-one dryer are high-tech drying equipment with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. They have the characteristics of fast heating speed, automatic moisture removal, uniform temperature, unattended and remote monitoring, and are highly favored by users