BAO Dehumidifier for dampproof of Huinantian Electric Appliance

For some friends in the north, the term returning to the southern sky may be a bit strange. So, whats going on? In fact, Huinantian is the name for the weather phenomenon in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fuj...

For some friends in the north, the term 'returning to the southern sky' may be a bit strange. So, what's going on? In fact, Huinantian is the name for the weather phenomenon in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, and Hainan in southern China. It usually means that the temperature begins to warm and the humidity begins to recover in spring. Returning to the southern sky is a weather reversal phenomenon, usually occurring in the spring of February and March. This is mainly due to the rapid counterattack of warm and humid air flow after the cold air travels, resulting in an increase in temperature and high air humidity. Some cold objects are prone to producing water B when facing warm and humid air. EADS

Returning to the south, how to avoid electrical damage

BAO Dehumidifier for dampproof of Huinantian Electric Appliance

TV moisture-proof

On February and March 3rd, if the TV is not open for a long time, the TV screen will become more blurry. This is due to the dampness caused by the aging of the TV tube base, which can even damage the TV components and shorten the lifespan of the TV

Regarding this, the author's suggestion is:

The first point is to close the windows at home, especially in the south and southeast. Windows are not allowed to enter the room, and the humidity in the morning and evening is higher than noon. Therefore, it is recommended to close the windows at home

Use a cloth to clean the dust on the back of the TV casing

The second point is to use another generator to blow air on the back casing of the TV for a period of time, then blow in the water vapor, and then use electricity.

. dehumidifier can be purchased in the living room where TV is installed. The most cost-effective way is to use a cloth to clean the dust on the small holes at the back of the TV casing, as the dust meets damp air and combines with a large amount of water vapor in the air to form a hard block, resulting in problems such as short circuits and leakage. So, when the TV is not in use, it can be covered with a dustproof cloth or plastic paper

Maintain a certain amount of electrical energy every day

The third point should be electrified and moisture-proof. Maintain the TV for at least 3 hours every day to allow the heat emitted by the TV to disperse the moisture inside the machine and prevent damage to internal components.

Computers also need to do a good job of moisture-proof work, because excessive humidity can cause internal circuit short circuits in the computer, leading to machine failures.

So the most basic thing is to ensure that the computer can be turned on for over an hour every day, and the heat generated by computer operation will dissipate the water vapor in the chassis. Secondly, a small fan can be installed on the computer host to facilitate air circulation. In addition, two desiccants can be placed on the host and cover the chassis, and displayed with a dustproof cloth

Air conditioning moisture-proof

Although the air conditioning itself has a moisture absorption function, the return of the "hanging blast" to the south still requires sufficient air conditioning maintenance work

Turn on the air conditioner every day to prevent moisture.

The simplest way to avoid air conditioning is to regularly turn on the air conditioner and ensure that it is turned on for 1-2 hours.

. More importantly, it is important to develop the habit of cleaning filters. Due to the significant temperature difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, water vapor will be generated in the pipes of the air conditioner and mixed with dust. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the filter once a month. Bacteria can affect human health

Moisture Protection of Washing Machines

Many friends believe that washing machines are often used for washing clothes, and they often handle water, so they do not need to be moisture-proof because washing machines are not afraid of water.

. In fact, there is a significant misunderstanding of this viewpoint. As an electrical appliance, washing machines can cause aging of the insulation circuit system, which may lead to circuit failures for a long period of time and create a hidden danger of leakage. Therefore, the washing machine also needs to be moisture-proof

Test pad type high water washing machine

The author believes that washing machines should be moisture-proof and should not be installed in the bathroom because the humid air in the bathroom is heavier and the humidity is higher, with the peak facing south, and moisture is prone to corroding circuit boards. Inside the washing machine, it is best to install it in a strongly ventilated location. Secondly, in the face of the arrival of the southern sky, we can appropriately increase the base of the washing machine, which is conducive to drainage, without the need to keep the washing machine base in the water for a long time. In addition, return to Nantianli to keep the surface of the washing machine dry. Usually, dry the beads on the surface with a dry cloth to prevent the washing machine surface from splashing onto the internal body of the machine and damaging its components

Overview of moisture-proof household appliances:

1. Close windows to prevent moisture from entering 2. Household appliances are often used to maintain power supply for more than 2 hours

3. Use a variety of power supplies to blow and remove dust from the back shells of TV, Induction cooking, refrigerator and other appliances

4. Use more Dehumidifier and air conditioning functions, or put it into a desiccant such as quicklime for drying effect 5. Properly install electrical foundations such as washing machines, refrigerators, and microwaves

Summary of the entire article: The author believes that when the cold air ends, that is, when the south descends, we can prepare some moisture-proof measures for household appliances during this period.

. In fact, measures to prevent moisture are actually related to various electrical appliances, and we can fully borrow them. Take a look. In order to prevent losses to electrical appliances in the south, we should spend more time on moisture-proof work