PARKOO dryers help dry egg trays

Paper has many uses, paper products can be recycled after use, in the packaging industry is very use

Paper has many uses, paper products can be recycled after use, in the packaging industry is very useful, whether it is an ordinary carton, or complex cartons, due to the strong folding properties of paper, can be designed, which is more common is the egg tray. Egg tray production is designed to protect birds and poultry eggs, its added value is not high, so improve product quality to reduce production costs is very necessary.

Egg tray production is the market recovery of waste paper with a special pulper crushed into pulp, pulp concentration adjusted to 0.5% -1% water. The modulated pulp is transported to the pulp molding machine, the use of vacuum suction will be adsorbed in the pulp mold mold, vacuum dehydration molding after drying or drying. Egg tray production process is not complicated, but there is a key process that is drying, because after molding, the moisture content of the paper tray is very high, between 65-75%, so wet egg tray is easy to rupture, or can not be molded, so it also needs to be dried.

PARKOO dryers help dry egg trays

Most of the previous drying methods are drying, which can improve economic efficiency, because drying costs less, in addition to labor costs, do not need any drying costs. But this method can not improve production efficiency, because drying is greatly affected by the natural environment, in case of rainy days will not dry, but also easy to mold. In addition, exposure to the sun is likely to lead to serious deformation of the paper tray.

To break the limitations of the natural environment, BIO drying dehumidifier to help egg tray production anytime, anywhere drying, precise temperature and humidity control, improve product quality and drying efficiency.

The moisture content of egg tray paper products is generally controlled at 12-14%, below this range, it will cause wrinkles on the outer edge of the paper products. Another important point of attention is that the drying temperature should not be too high, the temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, too high a temperature will lead to excessive drying and deformation of the egg tray.

BIOTO drying machine, with both closed dehumidification and warming functions. The machine warms up the environment, and the fan can spread the heat to every corner of the drying room to ensure that the products are evenly heated, avoiding over-drying of the outer edge of the egg tray, incomplete drying of the inner layer, and the phenomenon of ruffled edges and wrinkles. Internal circulation closed drying, without strong exhaust air, the use of high temperature to volatilize the water inside the egg tray, through the internal cycle of dehumidification system to continuously discharge the water, directly and quickly reduce the humidity of the drying room, to achieve the purpose of drying. Since there is no need for strong exhaust dehumidification, the drying process reduces the loss of heat energy and saves energy. The compressor of conventional dehumidifier is with temperature protection function, which is generally used in the environment of 5-38℃. BIO dryer, can realize the drying and dehumidifying work within 65℃, which can efficiently ensure the drying demand of egg tray and improve the efficiency.