September 16,2023

How important is Dehumidifier in food processing industry

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The first thing to pay attention to in food production is safety, because this is a matter related to the health of users. After all, people's intestines and stomach are very fragile compared with other animals. Some spoiled food can't be eaten, let alone carrion, even if it is processed. However, hyenas and vultures on the African grasslands don't need to worry, and they are even scavengers of Chen Wei's animal kingdom, Without the presence of these scavengers, dead animals would become sources of pollution to land and water, causing serious damage to the environment

workshops, which doesn't even require strict control of air humidity, because even if the food is not prepared due to moisture, its taste and nutrition will also decrease. Therefore, moisture-proof has become a very important task for food factories

The dehumidifier is qualified for this job. After all, there is no equipment that can replace the dehumidifier as the main force of moisture-proof and dehumidification. Whether in production, sales and storage, the degree of dehumidifier can improve the safety of food, ensure that food will not be affected by moisture, and ensure safety

In addition to moisture prevention, Dehumidifier have other functions in food factories. We know that many products in food factories need to be cooled and dried before packaging, because food needs to be heated for disinfection and cooking. At this time, it will take a lot of time to cool and dry the food by nature. If the Dehumidifier is used, the process will be accelerated, which is equivalent to improving the production efficiency Take baking bread as an example. After the bread comes out of the oven, the temperature is very high, so there will be a lot of water vapor in the cooling and drying workshop. The use of the Dehumidifier can suck the water vapor into the Dehumidifier, condense it into water, and then discharge it through the drain pipe, which can remove the water vapor in the drying workshop. At this time, the hot air blown out by the Dehumidifier is dry. With this constant circulation, the moisture in the food is constantly discharged by the Dehumidifier, so as to achieve the goal of rapid drying and freezing of food. After drying, the food will not be affected with moisture

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