What are the causes of dehumidifier frosting?

  Dehumidifier is an essential appliance for every family life, especially in the hot summer, with ah can not leave the dehumidifier, so dehumidifier in our daily life is still quite frequent, however...

  dehumidifier is an essential appliance for every family life, especially in the hot summer, with ah can not leave the dehumidifier, so dehumidifier in our daily life is still quite frequent, however, dehumidifier in the process of use there will be some failures will be generated, such as dehumidifier icing phenomenon, so dehumidifier icing is what reason it is, the following look at the dehumidifier icing what are the reasons. Everyone together with the editor to see it!

  What is the reason for dehumidifier icing

What are the causes of dehumidifier frosting?

  1、Refrigerant is too much

  Dehumidifier refrigerant bias will also constitute dehumidifier icing, some dehumidifier machine due to displacement, leakage and other reasons from the beginning of the injection of refrigerant, repair personnel improper operation of the refrigerant, constituting too much refrigerant flow to the evaporator after part of the evaporation and icing, this type of ice more than in the evaporator after the part of the compressor and the compressor around the return air tube, let go of the rest of the refrigerant.

  2、Lack of refrigerant

  Split dehumidifier in the use of a long period of time, there will be a refrigerant leakage or leakage, refrigerant cuts in the refrigeration system, it constitutes the evaporating pressure is too low, resulting in the evaporator icing, icing location is generally in the evaporator before the part of the treatment is to deal with the leakage parts, add enough refrigerant.

  3, the evaporator is too dirty

  dehumidification machine after a period of time, the dust in the air or evaporator microorganisms will be deposited in the evaporator, blocking air circulation, constituting a reduction in heat exchange, the evaporator temperature is too low and icing, icing location in the evaporator after the part of the ice to be melted, water evaporator, with a soft brush brush along the fins, pay attention to the electrical part can not get wet.

  4、Compressor defects

  Dehumidifier after a long period of time, the compressor compression power drop, or compressor gas distribution system is damaged, constituting low pressure and icing, icing location is also in the front part of the evaporator, the former add some refrigerant, if the failure is still the same, the compressor must be replaced.

  5, thermostat failure

  Mechanical thermostat temperature-sensitive package gas pressure changes with the temperature changes, drive the thermostat contact action. Due to contact sticking, spring elasticity lack of reasons such as contact normally closed, dehumidification machine successive open, constitute icing, replace the thermostat.

  6, small air volume

  Dehumidification machine use for a period of time, some fan fan blade sticky with many masonry, affecting the wind, constituting the evaporator icing, remove the masonry, but also some fans due to mechanical, electrical and rotational speed slows down, the wind is small, constituting the evaporator icing, the mechanical reasons for the bearings, wear and tear of the axle tiles, resistance increases, slowing down the rotational speed, electrical more than a capacitor charging and discharging failures or fan turn-to-turn short-circuiting, constituting a slow rotational speed, or even fan windings burned, the motor does not rotate, this icing phenomenon. Motor does not turn, this icing phenomenon must be amended or replaced depending on the detailed conditions of the fan.

  Above describes the dehumidifier icing is what causes, the following to see how the dehumidifier should be maintained:

  1, check the dehumidification machine power supply line, piping insulation sleeve, bundling tape whether there is broken, loose and so on.

  2, check the power plug, socket with or without leakage, of course, some dehumidifiers such as the national brand of hualing dehumidifier has the function of maintaining the circuit, you can avoid accidents, even so it is still necessary to often check the circuit to ensure safety.

  3, check the condenser, the evaporator whether the need to clean, such as more dust attached may affect the role of heat exchange.

  4, check the suction port of the outdoor unit and blowing port there is no obstruction blocking, otherwise it will not only block the heat release, but also make the compressor to withstand excessive load and shorten the life.

  5, do not use water to wash the dehumidification machine directly, which will constitute the internal line moisture short circuit, or electric shock incident.

  6, cleaning water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius, and can not use gasoline and other corrosive solvents cleaning.

  7, regular cleaning of the dust filter, to avoid clogging due to dust and reduce airflow rate, refrigeration and dehumidification. The process of cleaning: catch the dust filter puller, pull it out, and then gently wipe off the dust and dirt on the net. Assuming that it is too dirty, it can be washed with detergent, dried in the sun and then loaded into the face frame.

  8, do not stick and other foreign objects into the dehumidification machine air supply and air return, to avoid bruising and damage to the machine parts.

  9, the heat exchanger (evaporator and condenser) general use of two years of the best maintenance, non-flammable and non-corrosive gases can be used to blow off the heat exchanger on the accumulation of dust.

  10, regularly check the drainpipe, to avoid clogging or bending and wet the environment.

  The above is about dehumidifier icing is what causes the introduction, I hope to help you. The article is introduced to you here today.