Industrial dehumidifier - the ideal choice for dehumidifying paint booths

Industrial dehumidifiers - ideal for dehumidifying paint boothsFurniture, car shells, and even raili

industrial dehumidifiers - ideal for dehumidifying paint booths

Furniture, car shells, and even railings and wires, the purpose of paint is to aesthetically pleasing, to prevent oxidation, and to prolong the use of painted objects. In the paint spraying process, it will be found that sometimes blistering phenomenon and darkening of certain colors will occur during the spraying process, and streaming is also the most common phenomenon, these phenomena will seriously reduce the quality of paint and lead to poor oxidation of the painted object, especially after the use of water-based coatings as raw materials for paint, these phenomena are more likely to occur.

Industrial dehumidifier - the ideal choice for dehumidifying paint booths

In the process of spraying various paints in a spray booth, the humidity of the ambient air in the booth affects the evaporation of solvents, which in turn affects the laminar flow and hanging properties of the spray paint. Solvent evaporation leads to the temperature of the paint surface is lower than the dew point temperature, and the resulting water vapor will condense on the surface of the wet paint to form condensation, resulting in the paint film "white", and also reduces the adhesion of the coating, resulting in the coating off Visible, affecting the effect of the coating of the environmental factors are temperature and humidity. If the temperature and humidity is too high, the gloss of the paint surface will be very poor, will not appear smooth and rough, resulting in the phenomenon of orange peel, paint film color is light and white.

For the temperature problem, through the ventilation system to flexible control. For the humidity problem, control the humidity through industrial dehumidifier.

At the same time, the spray paint room usually need to complete the spray paint objects for drying, so the temperature needed for the ambient temperature will be relatively high, ordinary refrigerated dehumidifier working environment temperature of 5-38 ℃, beyond 38 ℃ dehumidifier will be carried out automatically maintain and shut down. But in the material drying room, the indoor temperature is generally more than 40 ℃, so the ordinary refrigerated dehumidifier can not work in this environment. At this time the need for high-temperature dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers suitable for use in high-temperature environments of 55 ℃.

PARKOO high temperature dryer is the ideal choice. PARKOO high temperature dryer is a set of drying, dehumidification function in one, only a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compactor and electric heating to assist in warming up, you can reach the high humidity materials quickly drying dehumidification purpose. At the same time, in the whole drying process without the need for specialists to guard, there is no emission of any pollutants, the operating cost is also very low, is currently a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying treatment plan.

PARKOO industrial dehumidifier introduced into the international level of dehumidification technology, set of intelligence, human nature, energy saving as a whole, to solve the material warehousing and industrial production environment due to humidity brought about by the problem, and strive to create a highly efficient and energy-saving, accurate humidity control, to enhance the efficiency of the production environment.