March 06,2023

Ceiling type pipe dehumidifier, hoisting type central dehumidifier system

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It is well known that the technical trends of ceiling type pipe dehumidifier and lifting type central dehumidifier system can make the indoor humid air "show its true colors" in the plum rain season, transform it into water and discharge it, without worrying about the indoor humidity, and the industrial production will not be affected by the humidity; dehumidifiers are divided into household type and industrial type. What distinguishes them is the amount of dehumidification and the area of dehumidification. The household type has a smaller amount of dehumidification and a smaller size, which can be easily pushed by universal wheels

A family usually needs only one set to prevent the humidity in the home and make the home dry; However, industrial dehumidifiers have large dehumidification capacity and body size, ranging from tens of kilograms to three or four hundred kilograms. industrial dehumidifiers cover a large area, which requires multiple industrial dehumidifiers to control the air humidity in the production environment

Generally, household dehumidifiers use water tanks to hold water. This water can be used to mop the floor, which can save water; Industrial dehumidifiers are usually drained by water pipes. Industrial dehumidifiers with small dehumidification capacity also have water tanks. However, it is not convenient to pour water when the water is full. How to choose drainage depends on the actual situation on the site

The central suspended ceiling pipe dehumidifier, a lifting type central dehumidifier system, is a popular indoor air treatment equipment for home decoration at present. It has powerful functions of fresh air ventilation, dehumidification and humidity control, and air purification. It provides fresh air for people all the time, truly ensuring the quality of indoor air and the health of everyone. However, many people in the market have doubts about this system, so is the lifting type central fresh air system good? If you are interested in it, please follow the editor

Ceiling mounted pipe dehumidifier, also known as ceiling mounted dehumidifier, wall mounted dehumidifier and ceiling mounted pipe dehumidifier, is a dehumidifier and purification equipment that can provide indoor air circulation dehumidification and purification through the pipe system at different indoor and outdoor temperatures to meet indoor temperature and humidity requirements. It is characterized by smooth drainage and low noise impact. The suspended ceiling dehumidifier is more and more popular because it does not occupy the indoor floor area, is concealed in installation, and is evenly distributed through pipes

PD668XF ceiling mounted pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier can effectively remove excess moisture indoors, avoid humidity, and at the same time, it can also introduce purified fresh air indoors. It provides fresh sterilized, dedusted and filtered air for indoor use 24 hours a day, so that residents can also breathe fresh, clean and high-quality air indoors, It can save energy and protect environment while ensuring good indoor ventilation environment. In modern society, it is a pursuit of high-quality life and the most effective solution to the problem of indoor air pollution and humidity

PD668XF ceiling type pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier functional characteristics: ◎ efficient dehumidification; ◎ Fresh air ventilation; ◎ Purification and dust removal: ◎ Three speed regulation: ◎ Intelligent operation: ◎ Energy saving: ◎ Automatic drainage: ◎ Start delay; Welcome to inquire the details of the ceiling type pipe dehumidifier and the lifting type central dehumidifier system

Technical parameters of PD668XF ceiling type pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier:

PD668XF ceiling mounted duct dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier are not only the best choice for ventilation and dehumidification of villas, townhouses and western-style houses; It is also very suitable for KTV, Internet cafes and other entertainment places where people have more activities and air changes, computer rooms, hotels, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, restaurants, school classrooms, kindergartens, hospital wards and other places. With it, you can enjoy fresh air 24 hours a day, all the time, and make your study, life, work and production environment more comfortable and healthy

Core tip: The central suspended ceiling pipe dehumidifier, a lifting central dehumidifier, has many advantages and is a very good choice for improving the quality of life. For electrical appliances, it is recommended that families with conditions can install fresh air dehumidification system with central air conditioner to ensure comfort, improve indoor beauty and save energy. It can be said that you can do more with one stroke! All the above technical news reports on ceiling mounted pipe dehumidifier and suspended central dehumidifier system are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only