May 17,2023

Office dehumidifier, dehumidification solution for office spaces

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Office dehumidifiers, solutions for dehumidification in office spaces, and technological trends. Nowadays, dehumidifiers are widely used in various offices, service halls, archive management rooms, precision instrument rooms, computer rooms, and other workplaces in office buildings. A humid environment can cause paper jams in the printing/copying machine, and computer hosts often experience issues such as crashes and blue screens

Choose a dehumidifier based on the area and humidity of different rooms, which can effectively solve the problems of office equipment in humid environments and improve your work efficiency.

1. How to choose a dehumidifier in an office area

• The selection of a dehumidifier needs to be suitable for the office area. If the dehumidification force is too small, it will burden the dehumidifier too much, and if the dehumidification force is too strong, it will consume excess electricity. Therefore, when buying a dehumidifier, do not buy one with insufficient dehumidification capacity at a low price

You can choose a suitable dehumidifier based on your actual office area.

2. Recommended best-selling models of office dehumidifiers

Today, I have brought you several dehumidifiers suitable for use in the office, hoping to be helpful in solving the problem of dampness in the office

3. Office dehumidifiers reduce the harm of moisture to office equipment

• High humidity can cause frequent computer failures. If the humidity exceeds 75% RH, it is easy to damp the display for a long time. If the humidity exceeds 90% RH or above, it is likely to cause a short circuit on the computer motherboard. Excessive humidity poses a great threat to computers, greatly shortening their lifespan and causing frequent malfunctions. The dehumidification function controls the humidity between 45% RH-65% RH, which is the most suitable humidity for using a computer

• Excessive humidity can cause frequent printing/copying machine malfunctions. Humidity is very susceptible to moisture on highly absorbent paper. During printing, there is a high risk of paper jamming, and the printer's sensors or paper rollers may also be damaged as a result. Next is the copier itself, which uses toner transfer and high-temperature fixing. Therefore, in humid weather, it is necessary to use a dehumidifier to maintain a constant humidity in the office area, otherwise the fixing unit of the copier may malfunction due to humidity

• Excessive humidity makes the paper prone to mold. The water absorption of paper is extremely strong. If documents and archives are kept in a humid environment for a long time, it will greatly shorten the lifespan of the paper, and it is also prone to mold and hair growth, causing losses. Therefore, installing a dehumidifier in rooms with a large amount of archives and document materials can prevent paper from getting damp and moldy

Choose a suitable office dehumidifier to reduce the harm of moisture to office equipment and improve your work efficiency.

4. Office dehumidifiers reduce the harm of dampness to the body

• When the humidity is too high, people will feel listless and sluggish. Working and living in places with high humidity for a long time can also lead to rheumatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Modern medicine also confirms that excessive humidity in the air is beneficial for the reproduction and transmission of harmful microorganisms

Choosing a suitable office dehumidifier will reduce the harm of dampness in the office area to your body.