PARKOO industrial humidifier, help quality textiles to the world

If asked, what would come to mind as the earliest window of communication opened by China to the West?Thats right! It would be the Silk Road - originating from the ancient civilization of China and f...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Industry Dehumidifier_CFT Series

If asked, what would come to mind as the earliest window of communication opened by China to the West?

That's right! It would be the Silk Road - originating from the ancient civilization of China and famous worldwide for its beautiful silk.

"Gui cloth is as white as snow, Wu silk is softer than clouds. The cloth is heavy and thick, and there is an afterglow for the fur." Four short lines of ancient poetry show the diversity of ancient Chinese textile civilization. Nature's silkworms, nature's gift, the Chinese silkworms satin has been more than 5,000 years of history, the delicate and flexible silk fabrics along the Silk Road to the world, and enjoy a good reputation in Europe.

Textile industry is China's traditional advantageous industry, is an important economic plate in China, need to go out of the country, to the world, such as the ancient and modern.

China's textile is famous all over the world, not because of its long history, but more importantly because of the high quality of its textiles, and it is the high quality that has made China's silk fabrics stand the test of history and the test of the world's people. Looking back at history, the former textile industry is purely artificial, a piece of exquisite silk fabrics are born under the hands of the ancient hardworking and flexible. Purely manual production, production intensity is relatively small, so the external causes affecting the quality of production is relatively small and easy to control. However, technological advances have facilitated the mechanization of production. When the handmade production becomes mechanical production, the production intensity is bound to be strengthened, and the external factors affecting the quality of the product will have to pay more attention.

Textile industrial production, the use of raw materials are natural fibers or chemical fibers, and different fibers in different temperatures and humidity under the physical and mechanical properties are not the same, including the moisture retention rate, strength, elongation, delicate, etc., and which, relative humidity is an important factor. If the air humidity is too low during the production process, coupled with the high intensity of mechanical operation, the water in the yarn evaporates and becomes dry. Yarn dryness, toughness decreases, brittleness increases, friction in the mechanical high-speed movement back to produce a large number of static electricity, yarn is also easy to round the roller, hair, broken head, which leads to increased difficulty in spinning, more scrap, quality is naturally reduced, directly affecting the economic interests of enterprises. On the other hand, the human body and the surrounding environment need to maintain heat balance, so the environmental humidity is too low, a variety of dust and lint easily suspended in the air, will affect the physiological state of the workers and health, affecting the mood and productivity.

Blending, thread drawing and other processes to maintain humidity 50% ~ 75% RH, light yarn, weaving and other processes to maintain humidity 50% ~ 60% RH, cotton fiber processes need 50% ~ 70% RH, man-made fiber processes need 50% ~ 65% RH. At the same time, when the air reaches a certain level of humidity, the suspension in the space will also be absorbing moisture to the ground to reduce the damage to the human body, to create a relatively suitable production workshop.

Visible, the same textile industry, but because of different raw materials on the production environment has different humidity needs, and can not be directly sprayed water humidification and other earth methods to solve, because the amount of humidification only to achieve precision, in order to better ensure that the production of high-quality textiles. PARKOO industrial humidifier, help quality textiles to the world:

1、Humidification intensity of high efficiency, atomized particles small and uniform, accurate humidification

2, the equipment adopts stainless steel box, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, long service life

3、All sealed structure design achieves the purpose of waterproof.

4、Universal wheels can be moved, humidification at anytime and anywhere, to meet a wide range of humidification needs.


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