June 21,2022

Perfect solution for wet air: removable compressor dehumidifier

Wet air is a mixture of dry air and vapor. In such a high humidity environment, the things in the home will be affected by damp and get mildew, even your quality of life will be seriously influenced.


So, what can be done about this phenomenon? If you do nothing, then a few days later, the weather clears up so that it will naturally disappear, but these days your life is not very satisfactory, because everything in the home is damp, including your bedding, it is impossible to rest. So still want to think of a way to solve, but do not think of using a dry mop, the water will appear again fast after you mopping, basic ineffective. Using old newspapers will absorb moisture quickly, but like a dry mop, it will only take a few moments for the floor and walls to be covered with water again.


According to the experimental results show that the ordinary desiccant method is no effect, even you you close the doors and Windows, don't let fresh air into the indoor, the most effective dehumidification method is use dehumidifier. Up to now, there are no other ways can be on a part with using dehumidifier, even to a new type of air conditioning is billed as a dehumidifier to candidly admit defeat. After all, professional things must be professional equipment to do. At present, household dehumidifiers are compressor dehumidifiers, which are recognized by the majority of consumers for dehumidification, high efficiency and convenient movement..


When buying a household dehumidifier, consider it from two aspects, one is the capacity of dehumidification, and another is the noise. Capacity of dehumidification too large leads to waste, too small, then the dehumidification effect is limited, so need to choose according to the area; The noise is so that you can without interrupting your rest when it works at night.

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