August 15,2023

It's dark and humid at home, which can easily cause mold. Three tips can help you easily solve it

Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

The house at home is shady, poorly ventilated, or often rainy, which can easily make the room damp and damp. Clothes and blankets are sticky, moldy, and have a strange smell. Not only the walls are also prone to mold spots, but living in a humid environment for a long time can also lead to a large number of bacteria and diseases such as dermatitis and eczema

Especially in the southern region, during the rainy season, the rain lasts for a long time, and even clothes and shoes cannot be dried. Mouldy conditions often occur in the quilts, clothes, shoes, walls, and other areas of the house, which affects both the mood and the body, making people very worried

For situations where the living environment is often damp and moldy, although we cannot change the geographical location and climate environment, we can use these simple and effective methods to avoid dampness, quilts, clothes, shoes, and other moldy conditions at home

I. Air dehumidification

BAO household dehumidifier, Keep the indoor air dry and dry

For air dehumidification, BAO can be used as the brand dehumidifier. It upgrades the Bessel large air volume design, which can reduce the humidity in the air faster. At the same time, it has the advantages of fast drying, no damage to clothing, and no odor, which has been well received by users. In addition, its thoughtful intelligent alarm, humidity early warning, and fault detection design are more user-friendly, Fully meeting your dehumidification needs, it can automatically dehumidify after being set during normal use, and automatically shut down after dehumidification is completed, making it very easy and convenient

120 ㎡ efficient dehumidification, Using only 1 kWh of electricity for 3 hours; Triple filtration purification of air; Adjustable 5-speed humidity control mode; 5L large water tank, automatic alarm and shutdown when full, avoiding frequent water pouring troubles, one click setting, easy dehumidification, a blessing for lazy people 2. Dehumidification and mold prevention of clothing. Clothing that is damp and moldy can easily breed a large number of bacteria, which can also cause diseases such as dermatitis and eczema, greatly affecting health It is recommended to place this dehumidification bag in the wardrobe to prevent moisture, mold, and odor. This dehumidification bag contains calcium chloride particles and lavender aromatic particles, with a dehumidification capacity of up to 500ml and a very high moisture absorption capacity. It is also moisture-proof, mold resistant, and emits a pleasant fragrance, which is both good for dehumidification and fragrance

Place this dehumidification bag in a cool and damp place at home, easily solving the problem of damp and moldy clothes. This dehumidification bag is built-in with 230g of high-quality calcium chloride and activated carbon particles, with higher moisture absorption, moisture absorption, and mold resistance. It is specifically designed to prevent indoor damp clothes from getting moldy, wallpaper from getting moldy spots, and other problems

Thirdly, dehumidification and mold prevention of shoes

Not only do you encounter mold in the humid south, but in the cold and humid winter of the north wind, it is difficult for shoes to air dry, and it is also common for them to get damp and mold, which affects their daily wear and lifespan If you have this type of shoe dryer at home, it will be much more convenient. This shoe dryer is made of PA66 heat-resistant material, with constant temperature heating at the front and back, and a retractable one piece for more convenient use. It easily helps you bid farewell to the problems of damp, moldy, and foul smelling shoes. It is warm and comfortable at 70 ℃, and can quickly dry shoes without damaging them For friends who often sweat and have bad foot odor and live in damp environments, putting this type of desiccant in their shoes is a good choice. This desiccant has excellent sweat absorption, deodorization, moisture resistance, and mold resistance, and is easy to operate. The transparent packaging makes it easier to check the usage status