July 27,2023

What to do if the floor becomes moldy- Scientific dehumidification and mildew prevention with household Dehumidifier


In rainy seasons, especially during times such as the Southern Festival and the rainy season, the house is always like a water curtain hole, with moldy walls and floors, especially wooden floors, which are more prone to mold and even mushroom growth, seriously affecting family life. Why is the wooden floor moldy? Mold on the floor is caused by mold, which can grow in large quantities at appropriate temperatures and humidity, leading to mold on the floor. The temperature of the daily home environment is fixed, and the appearance of mold is often due to dampness, such as mopping the floor but not drying it, which can lead to an increase in the moisture content of the floor over time; Or during rainy seasons, high air humidity can cause the floor to regain moisture. In a humid environment, the wooden floor feels as if it has been soaked in water. However, if the surface water stains are not cleaned in a timely manner, the wooden floor is still prone to mold

Wooden flooring is damp and moldy, which can seriously rot, not only affecting the overall aesthetics of the home, but also causing significant economic losses, and also affecting the overall air quality of the home. dehumidifier is selected to control the humidity of the home environment, eliminate the ground condensation and moisture regain, and make the home dry and cool. BAO household dehumidifier PD08A-20, 20L/D dehumidification capacity, applicable to 60-120m ² Strong dehumidification mode can achieve 100 meters in 1 hour in a comfortable environment ² Environmental dehumidification work

In humid and high-temperature environments, it is the peak period for bacterial growth. BAO Purification Household dehumidifier KJD01A-35, which is a dehumidification and purification integrated machine, HEPA composite filter screen can effectively absorb dust, pollen, bacteria, mold and other harmful substances in the air, and release clean air, truly making the humidity and purity of the air new

BAO household Dehumidifier PD253D, 24L rapid dehumidification, suitable for 130 m ² Large unit size, efficient dehumidification, maintaining dry and fresh indoor air. Configure a smart Internet of Things interaction system that can remotely control humidity at home anytime and anywhere through mobile phones. At the same time, the machine has a built-in UV Germicidal lamp, which can effectively kill 98.15% of Escherichia coli, and always take care of family health

BAO household Dehumidifier is equipped with a large visible water tank, but for safety, it is basically designed to shut down when the water is full. At the same time, it can also add a drainage pipe to say goodbye to the trouble of frequent water pouring. The Dehumidifier also has a variety of practical functions, supporting functions such as air purification, one button drying, and so on, which is very cost-effective