Intelligent household dehumidifier, low noise silent household intelligent dehumidifier dryer

Intelligent household dehumidifier, low-noise silent household intelligent dehumidifier dryer News: As we all know, with the development of the times, peoples economy is getting better and better. No...

Intelligent household dehumidifier, low-noise silent household intelligent dehumidifier dryer News: As we all know, with the development of the times, people's economy is getting better and better. Now, we have lived in bungalows and villas since we used to live in straw houses and tile roofed houses. It can be seen from this that people's living standards are constantly improving, and many people have also lived a happy life. However, some friends still face a problem, that is, they live in "bungalows" and "villas", but there is still a problem that many people are concerned about and easy to headache, that is, indoor "humidity"

Especially in the south, the temperature rises every year from March. In addition, after frequent rain, many areas can see that the indoor floor is very wet in March to July. Generally, it occurs in the lobby, bedroom, kitchen and other corners on the first floor. It is very uncomfortable to live here. For a long time, people are prone to get sick in places where they live, and even slip when they do not pay attention to walking. My friends in the southern region must know the humid weather like back to the south, rainy days, sauna days, and rainy days

You will find that the indoor floor is always very wet, not only the floor but also the wall are dripping, which is also the trouble of most friends. Being in such an environment for a long time has a great impact on the body; So, today, Xiaobian will explain to you what should we do if the indoor floor is wet? Returning to the south, rainy days, sauna days, and rainy days: refuse to be wet. These moistureproof tips are simple and practical

1. Close the doors and windows frequently: as the humidity is heavy in the morning and evening, closing the doors and windows can effectively prevent moisture from seeping back! (PS: But you should open the window to ventilate when you sleep at night. Keeping the air flowing is more conducive to sleep and health.)

2. Air conditioner dehumidification: Many air conditioners now have dehumidification functions. It is recommended that you close the doors and windows and open the air conditioner to dehumidify for 30 minutes to 1 hour at night. (PS: It is recommended to control the dehumidification time according to the degree of indoor moisture regain)

3. Buying dehumidifiers: At present, there are many types and types of dehumidifiers on the market, and many e-commerce platforms sell them. The price is about 200-3000 yuan. We choose our own dehumidifier according to our home environment and actual situation. (PS: Don't buy a product that costs hundreds of yuan. You don't need to buy it too expensive. It should be practical and useful.)

Intelligent household dehumidifier, low noise silent household intelligent dehumidifier dryer

[_ Smart Home Dehumidifier]

  _ The household dehumidifier is an upgraded version of the best-selling electric appliances for many years. It is specially tailored for the delicate space of small apartments. It integrates dehumidification, clothes drying and purification, and has high cost performance. First of all, it upgraded the power core, making the compressor more powerful and stable, cold and high temperature resistant, and more stable to use; It brings full dehumidification power to the machine, with less energy consumption and greater dehumidification capacity. It also increases the area of the condenser regardless of the cost and improves the dehumidification efficiency

Compared with the old version, its daily dehumidification capacity is increased by 1.7 times, the power reduction is more power saving, and the water storage capacity is improved. At the same time, the negative ion generator is used to upgrade the filter screen, so that you can enjoy forest oxygen at home. In addition, this model also uses centralized air outlet, which makes it easier to dry clothes quickly. It also has the functions of accurate humidity sensor, automatic frost, and water full whistle shutdown, which makes fresh air safer and more reassuring

The coverage area of a single room can reach 30 m2, and the maximum coverage area can reach 60 m2. The dehumidification capacity is 28 L/day. Comfortable speed measurement, simple display screen of home air humidity, four-dimensional drying function, dehumidifier makes drying clothes very simple in small units. When running, the decibel is as low as 40dB, with the release of fresh negative ions, whether in the day or night, so that the home is full of moisture

[_ Large space intelligent household dehumidifier]

  _ The household dehumidifier, with double speed dehumidification, creates a new experience of dryness, and is suitable for 60-100 ㎡ space. Large area air inlet, fashionable honeycomb suction hole, low wind resistance, large flux air inlet, faster moisture extraction and drying. Turn on its drying function to dry clothes easily, and prevent clothes from getting damp in the south wind; Restore the sunshine taste of quilt, and make every day full of warmth and care. The vertical polymerization air outlet design adopts double arc streamline air duct structure, which can reduce the friction between air flow and air duct to a greater extent, and make the noise free, enjoying a quiet and fresh space

This is an industrial dehumidifier that can dehumidify at home and perform well in the factory. The maximum dehumidification area can reach 100 ㎡, which can be large or small. The coverage area is wide. It only takes one hour to replace the indoor temperature and humidity once. The dehumidification capacity of 58L/day will not be affected by the weather when returning to Nantiansi. The fast drying clothes can make the clothes dry immediately after washing within 20 m2. The 670W high power not only provides a powerful power for dehumidification, but also heats up as a whole, and can be used as a small cotton padded jacket at home

In addition, Good Core is more comfortable, less than one degree of electricity in four hours; The upgraded quadruple filter screen is fresh and healthy. It has intimate child lock and dumping protection function. It is safe and secure. It is suitable for families with children and high style. You deserve it! With anion function and four layers of purification, the air is filtered out into healthy and pleasant comfort, making the skin extremely moist

< b style="text-align: center;"> [PD880LB pump pressure drainage intelligent household dehumidifier]

The PD880LB household dehumidifier can be used for precise humidity control in 80-150 ㎡ commercial and residential spaces. All components are selected from the best, and the high configuration of internals ensures the excellent quality of the dehumidifier. It uses imported Ruizhi compressors with a global market share of 25% and high configuration refrigerants that can quickly dehumidify. It has strong power and faster and more efficient humidity control

The humanized design configuration can be connected with external water pipes, which is a customized pump pressure drainage system to solve the problem of no floor drain drainage in the room, especially suitable for the use of the villa underground space. Among them, the condenser has 2+3 composite two units, with larger working area, rapid increase of dehumidification efficiency and lower wind resistance; The selection of all copper materials is rare for household use, and the quality is armed to every detail

The controllable range of this dehumidifier reaches 150m ², In addition, its evaporator uses 2+3 composite two units, which has a larger working area, a sharp increase in dehumidification efficiency, and a lower wind resistance. You can reach the somatosensory comfort zone in one hour, sweeping away the dampness, mildew and other phenomena in the home. It can meet almost all ordinary households, and is more suitable for you living in a duplex home

4-fold air filtration system, 0-90 ° adjustable air outlet, auxiliary clothes drying, realizing no dead space air circulation; In addition, it also uses black and white simple appearance, 4-layer spraying, reflective environmental light source design, perfectly integrated into all kinds of home and office environments, easy to use, beautiful, and enjoy fresh air

Is wet weather annoying? At present, due to the influence of warm and humid air flow, walls have appeared in many areas in the south, and water mist and moisture return to the south have appeared on the mirror surface. There is fog in the morning and evening, and the visibility is low. Please pay attention to traffic safety when you travel! With the above three smart household dehumidifiers, you can always say goodbye to the humidity and enjoy free, comfortable, dry and fresh indoor space

Core tip: Is the dehumidifier good? It also depends on the applicable space! It is wise to choose a suitable intelligent household dehumidifier according to the actual situation of the space used! All the above news reports about intelligent household dehumidifiers and low-noise silent household intelligent dehumidifiers and dryers are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only